Waves on a Line

I love ruffles. I don't mean the brand of potato chips, although my favorite flavor of those is Cheddar and Sour Cream. I mean the design embellishment. They add flair to an otherwise ordinary tank, top, or dress. Of course, the pirate shirt from Seinfeld (told you I'd make references) comes to mind which I didn't love so much, but with the right jacket, cardi, or long sweater vest, I might have given it a go. I didn't even have to wear ruffles today in order to have a picture for this post. The evidence of my favor for the flavor of ruffles is in the fact that I've featured four outfits with this design already. Here's an encore:

From my asymmetry post

I don't think I've actually featured this pic but I took it a while back knowing I would eventually do a post about ruffles

Trying on a dress to wear to a wedding the next day. I took a pic to send to my friend Jaime for her opinion.

One of the many pics for a post about messy/loose ponytails

Do you ride the wave? E-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Take a Little Off the Bottom


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