Generations of Fashion Under One Roof

My aunt had a get-together to wish my mom, another aunt, and one of my brothers safe travels for their three-week trip to the Philippines. It's always nice to see family. Of course I took advantage of the opportunity to get some pics of fam, but that wasn't my purpose in going. I also had to give them my wish list. Just kidding!

Royce the Rock n' Roll Pre-schooler. His shirt has guitars on it. Daddy's in a band. Peace, love, and indie rock!

Royce's sissy Cecilia rockin' the Tween look.

Mom Cherise in her souvenir flats from Grandma's trip to Paris. Très jolie. Je l'aime beaucoup!

I should have taken a pic of dad Reylan who pointed out his cardigan while I was typing yesterday's post. I don't think he knew my post was about cardigans. I should have capitalized on my first opportunity to feature a modern male. Well, I guess Royce and my boys count. He'll have to send in a pic for my missed ops hybrid segment.

Grandma Jennie rockin' spaghetti

This pic doesn't show the details of our Aunt Jennie's dress but I had to keep it because it shows that we're truly related. She had initially posed pretending to eat the spaghetti from the ladel. I usually pose while taking a bite. I dunno why. Not only do we have the same name (well, mine's a nickname spelled differently), but we have the same goofy humor. Great minds think alike. Then again, so do ours.

Tomorrow: A Shout Out to My Cousins


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