New Mom, Same Great Style

Today I start yet another segment: Hot Mamas. I had thought of this when I did my Grandma's Got It post because I took a picture of Renée's daughter who is always fashionable. She's too cute. This made me think of all of my family and friends who are moms and despite lack of sleep, chasing kids and pulling out hair, they always look great. But, somehow I forgot to start the segment (probably due to lack of sleep, chasing kids and pulling out hair). 

Then I saw Rachelle fresh from maternity leave looking all put together and fantastic. 

Accessorized and everything!

Her skirt is a button-up. I should have gotten a pic of it from that angle but I didn't want to get fresh.

Speaking of fresh, it was a clear bright day today. I was waiting at the bus stop this morning and had to take this picture (I mentioned in my first post that I would go off in tangents)

Tomorrow: Ring Around the Collar


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