Rings, etc.

The first time I heard about etsy.com was when a friend started to sell on it. I ended up forgetting about the site since I would buy directly from her. I'm glad my co-worker Hayley reintroduced me to it. I had scored some awesome earrings on the site, and it only made sense that I searched Etsy for big rings since I'm joining that club too.

Check out my new rings, fresh from the post. All three are from
Dazzle Finger. She's got some awesome stones! And, she has cute names for her rings.

This is called "Eye." Isn't it said that Elizabeth Taylor has violet eyes?

This is called "Caramel Dip" and it's described as coffee brown. That has my name written all over it. Just add salt.

My favorite color. It's called "Get Fresh" because it's mint green, get it?

I think Hayley mentioned etsy.com to me because I was wearing earrings by the friend who is on Etsy and they are handmade and artsy. Everything has come full circle, like my rings.

Do you do the big ring thing?  e-mail me your pic!

Tomorrow: Missed Photo Ops: III


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