Shopping at Your Finger Tips

My initial idea for my "Wild Card" segment was to pick out an outfit I see on the wild card day, ask to take a pic, and write about it. Well, this is my third attempt and again I forgot to do all of that. Oh the pressure! I brought it upon myself when I started listing a teaser about the next day's post on my daily posts. I did that on my very first post. Otherwise everyday would be a wild card of sorts if I didn't decide the night before what I would write. Logistics. (Many probably don't pay attention to my teasers anyway so I didn't have to address this at all)

So I've decided that today's post will be about online shopping.

A pro for online shopping: Convenience
A con for online shopping: Convenience

It's great being able to shop at any time of day, from anywhere, in pajamas if you'd like. Not having to deal with crowds or chasing after kids is a big plus as well. Of course, it's too easy to overspend, all in a matter of minutes. In all seriousness, here are three of my pros and cons of online shopping:

• Browsing while sitting
• Browsing late at night when stores are closed
• Browsing without my children hiding in rounders

• Not being able to try on items. Very crucial for me with pants and shoes.
• Too easy to fill my 'basket' or 'cart' and rack up the credit card bill
• Paying for shipping

The shipping thing is easily remedied with more sites offering free shipping on purchase and upon returns. Nordstrom has a great feature where you can "purchase online and pick up in store." I've tried this twice. The first time I picked up the item and left the store with just that item. The second time I ended up shopping more, but only got one more item. I love that feature!

Sometimes I'll browse and browse and browse and that satisfies my shopping desire. Other times I'll almost proceed to check out then change my mind. And yet other times I buy three rings, followed by two pairs of earrings, followed by a another pair of earrings and a cuff bracelet. The latter items not linked will make their debut in a not too distant post.

You can buy almost anything online now. Aren't you glad my blog is free to read? Priceless. Haha. Not!

Tomorrow: Fashion 101: Second Lesson


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