Messy Tresses

This post isn't featuring five pictures because I'm a quintuplet. I haven't been cloned either. Each picture features an attempt at a messy hair look done right. It was actually harder to accomplish the windblown or tousled look than it is to accomplish a nice polished hairstyle.

High ponytail: rubberband wrapped twice, pulled tightly, then pulled out pieces

High ponytail: wrapped once, then wrapped twice but not completely pulled through (no make up on)

Low ponytail: non-hairwashing day

Low side ponytail: some hair fell out on right side (I took this picture, what am I looking at?)

Hair in side ponytail: lots of hair fell out on right side

I wasn't sure if I could pull off a flowy, wispy style for the following reasons:

• My hair has a mind of its own and a stubborn personality

• Even if I could get it to where I actually liked the look, I would progressively ruin it each time I touched it

• My hair is black. It's sometimes hard to see the texture and twists and wisps and pieces, especially in a picture. In the end it might just look like a big bird's nest on the top of my head. A charred bird's nest.

Do you do the messy do?  e-mail me your pic!

Tomorrow: That Has a Nice Ring to It


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