My Trump Card

Today I thought I'd start a new segment: Wild Card. On these days I'll take a picture of an outfit I like and make a comment (always positive because it's all about the love and smiles and sunshine and butterflies). Since I have teasers about the next day's post, you'll have advanced notice to dress for the runway on the next day and strike a pose when you happen by me. No stalking though. Stockings, okay.

My decision to start this segment isn't because I've run out of ideas/themes. I liken it to standing in front of my closet and deciding I have nothing to wear despite my clothes packed like sardines. So I go to my dresser and grab a pair of 'fashion denim' and a somewhat dressy top, and decide it's a casual day. In the same line of thought, I have a list--mental and jotted down--of topics for blog posts, but nothing jumped out at me last night. I decided it was going to be a lazy Monday so I would look for an outfit to inspire me.

The only problem is that I didn't seek out an outfit to photograph. I have a day job people! I wanted to go for a walk to a touristy crowded area since it was a sunny day and see if an outfit would grab my attention in the sea of people. But before I knew it, it is was 6pm and I had missed my opportunity. I saw a gal in cute riding boots heading toward the bus tunnel but I was too far behind. When I entered the tunnel, she was heading down the escalator to the southbound buses and I head north. (who's doing the stalking now?)

Good thing I have a fantastically fashionable friend on whom I can always depend. I called her up and asked her to take a picture of herself because I knew that whatever she had on would be great and would save my day. I only have pics from her waist up which is too bad because I'm sure she had on kickin' shoes. The ruffly scarf is too fun! (So is the bar in the background, I'm sure)

Lovin' the layers! It's so essential in the Northwest.

A hooded jacket is Northwesternus maximus!

Thank you for saving my day, Jaime! Maybe your coat should have had a cape instead.

Tomorrow: Fallback Jacket


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