The Cardigan Club

I've been saying how I've wanted to join the cardigan club (or is it cardi party?) at work because many of my co-workers have really cute embellished cardigans whereas mine are plain and so Spring 2009. Cardigans are great layering items, especially if you dress according to the gray and cold weather outside but the office pumps in heat according to the gray and cold weather outside, so you're bundled up and heated up. If you wear a cardi and cami (or tank) then you have some ventilation. You can also wear a short-sleeve top so you can peel off the cami layer if needed. This is great for me because I run hot.
You can't tell very well with my high-tech
professional quality phone camera, but
Hayley and Katie are twinsies! Fraternal.
Shanna is in floral.

The lilac girls, Meadow and Crisma

Everyone likes a measure of anonymity like MC
These pics are from the same day at work. It turned out to be a mild and sometimes sunny day, so some did peel off their cardigan. Another co-worker and I also wore cardis but she was camera shy and I am in way too many pics so you get a break. That makes 7 of the 12 of us present at work that day present and accounted for in The Cardigan Club. Again, I do know how to add. The pics above feature six gals in cardigans, plus the two of us not pictured equals eight. I said seven because one pictured actually didn't wear a cardigan, but another member of the club lent her her extra one so she could be an honorary member for the day.

Can you join the club?

Tomorrow: It's All Relative


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