Headbands Rock!

Just as with scarves, I have gone in phases with headbands. Only I didn't stop wearing them because I grew tired of them or forget to put them on. I stopped because I felt like they were giving me headaches. Maybe it's just in my head (pun slightly intended), but when I would wear headbands I felt like they were tight on me and would give me tension headaches. It doesn't help that I have a big head, but what would you expect for my big brain (more like cobwebs)?

A couple of my co-workers wore headbands recently and have inspired me even more to try my hand--or rather head--at it again.

Katie has beautiful hair. People pay big $$ for that hair color. Hers is gratis. I don't mean that she gets hers colored for free. Hers is natural!

The boldness of a black rose contrasts nicely against the soft waves of Meadow's blonde hair.

Why you should wear a headband (in no particular order):
• Do the pictures above not convince you already?
• They're a great way to keep your hair back without wearing a pulled back look
• They can be whimsical
• They're an inexpensive accessory to add to your wardrobe
• Like the ones above, it's a way to add a jewel or flower to your hair without a clip
• If you're like me and don't want a part in your hair, a headband
can remedy that

Are you with the band? E-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Families reunite!


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