Saturday, May 28, 2011

Greetings from the Rose City!

Or as my Portland ex-pat friends endearingly call it--PDX. I like to call it the Land of Ports.

I don't know why the railing and SW Hawthorne Bridge look curved because they're not. I didn't edit the picture.


Pink Coat, Weatherproof (Nordstrom Rack--usually looks more flattering) - Black karate pants, Express - Black/Gray shoes, Converse (Converse Outlet Store) - Pink "Juicy" handbag, souvenir from mom's PI trip last fall

We decided to take the train to Portland for the long weekend which also coincides with our wedding anniversary (14 years). We usually go somewhere in Washington (San Juan islands or the peninsula) or BC (Vancouver or Victoria), but this year it's south. The US$ to Canadian$ exchange rate is no longer in our favor, so the next best thing for a family of four is no sales tax.

Hope you're having a wonderful (long) weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bird's the Word

Cardi, Caslon (Nordstrom) - Tank, Romy (Romy) - Skirt, Kensie (some corner boutique in Victoria, BC) - Flats, Ecco (Nordstrom Rack)

Hi! How ya doin'? It's been a while since I last posted. Did you think I was a bird who had flown away? More like a chicken running around with its head chopped off. (Not a pretty sight; I've seen it literally) Still a bird, but a flightless one. Just clucking around in the usual busyness of a mother hen working as an egg counter and taking care of the roost. So, my posts have been a big fat goose egg. Wait, that's a different bird. And, one that can fly.

Welcome to my coop!

I think I can, I think I can

Angry Bird?

Enough of that jobber jabber. It's for the birds.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Like a Bird

This is the lovebirds blouse I got from the Nordstrom Rack over the weekend. Sorry no close up. Blah blah excuse blah blah phone died blah blah busy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little Wild Underfoot

Remember these wedges I bought from Buffalo Exchange last month? They fit me fine--until I start walking and my foot wants to slide down and squish my toes.The heel-to-toe height ratio does warrant that happening. So, I picked up these pads during my Nordstrom Rack shopping spree. They came in a 3-pack with this design, solid nude, and solid black. I need a few pairs for my new platform pumps as well, so it all worked out!
I'm so matchy-matchy
The cheetah print in all their glory
No need to adjust your monitor. Tis just my fruit phone
and the fact that I had a smudge on the viewer
If it's going to be fuzzy, I might as well use the
gray effect to give it that 'soft focus' look.
Or use the sharpen feature
Yes, I'm aware that I still need to use a real camera. Feel free to send me one.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Match-up V: A Shopping Spree!

A look of shopper's remorse as I carry four (the small one is hiding) Nordstrom Rack bags? No, just my usual discomfort of having my picture taken in public.

A little better? A hint of a smile!

Up close. Did you know that I'm a comedienne? I'm wearing sunglasses. That's a knee-slapper! Really, the sun is always out. It's just that in Seattle the cloud layer is often a show off up front.

I've wanted a new spring coat, but I hadn't listed that on my "Want (but don't need) List. Maybe because it is a need. Correction: Was a need. This one is great for a Seattle spring because it's lightweight but not thin, and it's Weatherproof. That's actually the label name.

It's a pale pink. I figure it will go with any color: my typical blacks and grays, and even browns.

Nice flowy blouse

How could I not buy this? The price tag justifies my purchase--$8.485! Also, it fulfills my want of a print of an animal (as opposed to an animal print). I had seen a silky top with elephants, Augie saw the same style but with these birds, then I found the same style with cats. I didn't love the style of the other top but almost bought it just for the cats. Then, Augie found this blouse. There's a reason he's my stylist. My 6-year-old son has an eye for fashion!

Did you go on a shopping spree recently? Link up a Show-and-Tell post! Have a great spring coat or a top with a print of an animal? Link up the post of yourself wearing either. Linky Tools will link to your blog so everyone can check it out.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Had Spring on Wednesday!

And, on Thursday I'm the guest blogger on A Taste of T while Tanya is preparing to have little Maddi Mae. Check it out! And, check out Tanya's previous posts because she's pretty hilarious! Don't worry, the link back to my blog is on the post so you can come right back.

Spring = Wear a white skirt and no hose

I don't love pictures of my facial profile (or my I look five-months-pregnant-but-that's-just-all-the-cheese-I-eat body profile), but I included this to further prove how weird I am about making sure no one sees my "photo session". Quite silly really, especially since I'm looking toward where two hedges form a corner blocking me from view.

Aqua/green top, Ann Taylor Loft - White skirt, brand? (a cute boutique on a corner in Victoria BC) - Pink metallic flats, Ecco (Nordstrom)

Okay, you back from A Taste of T? Yeah, I'm pretty surprised at myself for my caption because I'm pretty much a goody two-shoes. I tried to get pics of my co-workers at Pike Place Market but none of the pics screamed "Insert funny caption." So I sucked it up and posed in a public area. It could have been a much better pose, but I just couldn't hold it and would start laughing and feeling like a spectacle.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let the Colors Do the Talking

Not much to say today. I just wanted to post an outfit for The Color Brigade with Cute & Little because it's been a while. I actually have been striving to wear colorful outfits on Tuesdays, but I haven't been capturing my outfit on film, or rather phone. The days are getting longer so I got Desi to take a pic when I got home from work.

Swinging my hair forward

Hands on hips because I never know how to pose

Burgundy sweater dress (much too short for my liking), Glimmer by J.J. Basics (Macy's) - tan paperbag-waisted pants, Michael Michael Kors (Nordstrom Rack) - Gold flats, Ak Anne Klein iflex (Nordstrom Rack)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Match-up IV: My Want (But Don't Need) List

Now that I have completed accomplished the A to Z Challenge, I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming. Okay, maybe not so regular. I will try to keep up with my weekly features though. Maybe. I hem and haw.

First I shall try to reinstate my Monday Match-up feature. Here is my "Want (but don't need) List." Link up below*

Chambray button-up
The first time I heard chambray mentioned in the blogosphere was on Lizzy Punch. Liz had included it in her Winter 30 for 30 with Kendi Everyday and wore it with outfit #2. I imagine I had heard term chambray before but apparently it didn't grab my attention enough until Liz wore it. Recently Annie with Really Petite wore one as one option for Petite Fashion Challenge #7: Add color to your Little Black Dress.

Maxi skirt--Even though I'm only 4'11", I used to wear maxi skirts all of the time years ago. Now I tend to go shorter, but not that short. Except for my LBD for PFC #7 last week, I rarely go above the knee. Petites are supposed to go above the knee to elongate their legs, but this petite is a little old-fashioned. Now I want a skirt with which I can sweep the floor.

Söfft brand strappy heels--I have many pairs of Söfft brand shoes. I usually allow myself one pair a year because they are so comfortable, but they are not cheap. I'll pay for the comfort though, especially since they usually comes in wides! I like the 'Ravenna' (for a few reasons) and 'Renata'.

*Link up a picture of yourself in one of these items! Don't have one? Link up if any of these items are on your want/wish/whatever you call it list. Eh, link up if you have a want/wish/grocery (jk) list.