Greetings from the Rose City!

Or as my Portland ex-pat friends endearingly call it--PDX. I like to call it the Land of Ports.

I don't know why the railing and SW Hawthorne Bridge look curved because they're not. I didn't edit the picture.


Pink Coat, Weatherproof (Nordstrom Rack--usually looks more flattering) - Black karate pants, Express - Black/Gray shoes, Converse (Converse Outlet Store) - Pink "Juicy" handbag, souvenir from mom's PI trip last fall

We decided to take the train to Portland for the long weekend which also coincides with our wedding anniversary (14 years). We usually go somewhere in Washington (San Juan islands or the peninsula) or BC (Vancouver or Victoria), but this year it's south. The US$ to Canadian$ exchange rate is no longer in our favor, so the next best thing for a family of four is no sales tax.

Hope you're having a wonderful (long) weekend!


  1. Happy Anniversary, may you have 50 more. Love that pink coat. I hope your trip is amazing.

  2. Happy Anniversary! And happy tax-free shopping. :)


  3. love your pink jacket! Congrats on your anniversary!

  4. Hey there! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Love it!


  5. Happy 14th Anniversary!
    Hope you had a great time in Portland. It's a beautiful and funky city. We'll be down there at the end of June, and I have a list of places to visit and street food to try.

  6. ah, i miss portland! i'm from vancouver so it's about a 5 hr drive away... which really isn't far but for some reason, it's been years since i was last there. i miss the no sales tax!!!!

  7. The train to Portland?? How was it? I remember taking the train once and I thought it was a blast. :O)

    PS: did you seriously NOT edit that first picture? It's trippy!

  8. what a fun trip!

  9. I love the San Juan islands.. we have cycled around them!! I know what you mean about the exchange rate.. for a while its in our favour which is a nice change (sorry for you though :)

    great photos and hope you enjoyed Portland, quite a progressive city in terms of homelessness initiatives and green space!!

  10. Gorgeous pink coat, girl! It's quite becoming on you.


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