Monday Match-up IV: My Want (But Don't Need) List

Now that I have completed accomplished the A to Z Challenge, I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming. Okay, maybe not so regular. I will try to keep up with my weekly features though. Maybe. I hem and haw.

First I shall try to reinstate my Monday Match-up feature. Here is my "Want (but don't need) List." Link up below*

Chambray button-up
The first time I heard chambray mentioned in the blogosphere was on Lizzy Punch. Liz had included it in her Winter 30 for 30 with Kendi Everyday and wore it with outfit #2. I imagine I had heard term chambray before but apparently it didn't grab my attention enough until Liz wore it. Recently Annie with Really Petite wore one as one option for Petite Fashion Challenge #7: Add color to your Little Black Dress.

Maxi skirt--Even though I'm only 4'11", I used to wear maxi skirts all of the time years ago. Now I tend to go shorter, but not that short. Except for my LBD for PFC #7 last week, I rarely go above the knee. Petites are supposed to go above the knee to elongate their legs, but this petite is a little old-fashioned. Now I want a skirt with which I can sweep the floor.

Söfft brand strappy heels--I have many pairs of Söfft brand shoes. I usually allow myself one pair a year because they are so comfortable, but they are not cheap. I'll pay for the comfort though, especially since they usually comes in wides! I like the 'Ravenna' (for a few reasons) and 'Renata'.

*Link up a picture of yourself in one of these items! Don't have one? Link up if any of these items are on your want/wish/whatever you call it list. Eh, link up if you have a want/wish/grocery (jk) list.


  1. Hmm I have a million wants right now that I'm not going to get myself :0(

  2. I didnt know what a Chambray shirt was...well, i've seen them, I just didnt know the term! Very cute indeed!

  3. I'm totally with you on the chambray shirt. I haven't found my perfect shirt yet, but I found one that is close:

    It's not denim; it's much lighter and in my mind, more versatile. But I'm still on the hunt! Let us know what you find!

  4. My boss that's also 4'11" wore a maxi skirt today and rocked it. I don't have a picture of her though. :-)

    Amber Lena Fashion
    outfits FOR SALE from $10!

  5. a classic chambray shirt is awesome! so easy to throw on or dress up depending on how it's styled. i have one from vince that i wear all the time:

    anyway, great blog! happy to find another seattle blogger :)

  6. Great list! I was thinking about making a want (but don't need) list for my blog, but I don't even know where to start.. Hahah.

    I recently bought myself a chambray button up & I love it! I think it's so fun & versatile. And then I also bought myself a denim jacket.. I think I'm just in a chambray/denim phase right now.

    And those Söfft shoes are gorgeous! My favorite is the Renata.

  7. Jen, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  8. Chambray is definitely a hot item this season! I used to have a bunch of maxi skirts too but now have maxi dresses instead :)

  9. I want a chambray shirt sooo bad. I feel like I always look wonky in them because of my boobs. And shoulders. I dunno. I hope you find one soon so I can copy you!


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