Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flower in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

I hadn't noticed her flower bracelet until now. What's a fiesta
without flowers? Still a whole lotta fun, but even better with les

Something about flowers just brightens my day. Around here fall welcomes the gray, and winter invites it to stay. When crocus bulbs start peeking through around March, I just smile. Their blooms don't last too long but just long enough to say, "Hey, I know it's not all sunshine and roses, but we're almost there. The gray will continue to visit, but soon it will take its leave and everything will be coming up roses . . . and daphnes and tulips and daffodils . . . "

Floral designs in clothing and jewelry also make me smile. There's
that measure of femininity that while delicate can grab attention. It
can make dainty fingers spring to life. Floral appliqués make an
already pretty cardigan georgeous. Florals aren't necessary a trend
for fall but they're always in bloom in my book.

Sonia's flower ring

I don't know why I cropped Jaime's head. I initially wanted a pic of her necklace but then I asked her to show her ring. Then I noticed her cardi. A flower girl appropriately at a wedding! (But she was not the flower girl)

Do you have flower power?

Tomorrow: Prepare for Glare

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Block Party

My brother "Coya Michael" aka
Cousin Mike aka Uncle Monkey
had it right back in the day.
More 70s flashbacks! This is
circa 1978 based on a baby in
the rest of the pic that I cropped.
When I first read that color block is in for fall, I thought it meant solid colors and I wondered when that has ever gone out of style. Isn't that perpetual? Isn't that a given? Well, it shows what kind of fashion blockhead I am.

Color block is all about blocks of colors. Genius name for it (and obviously not foolproof). It reminds me of Goldie Hawn in "Laugh-In" or something. I think of go-go dancers. I think of the sign-off screen at the end of the day when stations would leave the air until morning. That's something our kids may never experience with cable and 24-hour TV and DVDs and Internet. Oh for the days when we didn't have information overload and our brains would get some rest. Although back in the 60s/70s people were doing other things in their spare time that messed with their brains. Can't win for losing. But, you usually win if you get center square!

Tomorrow: Flower Power

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10s Are the New 70s

Circa 1974. Check out the box on
my cousin Terie's lap. Could it be
"The Partridge Family?" I almost
match the couch.
I keep having flashbacks! Actually, the fashion world has been. I'm sure it's not for lack of creativity. In fact, it's probably a welcome challenge for designers to take styles from the past and upgrade, outdo, and completely overhaul without losing that touch that made them iconic. Will we see fringed vests and headbands everywhere? I hope not, but only because I'm envisioning those features from the past, not as how designers of today could funkify them, and make even skeptics get down and groovy with the Hendrix or Sonny and Cher look.

So, apparently 70s fashion is in. Of course the first thing I thought of was bellbottoms, but flared pantlegs have been in for many years now. Then I thought of polyester, but I've been amazed at how many items I own that I thought were satin or even silk are actually polyester. I guess I'm thinking of the thick polyester of the 70s.

What exactly is being featured from that decade? It sounds like everything. Is it a female mechanic? No, it's just a lady wearing a jumpsuit. And, there's a disco queen. Quick, grab me my roller skates!

Here are a couple of looks I like inspired by the decade that brought you "Welcome Back Kotter", Shrinky Dinks, and . . . me!
Ella Moss 'Cassandra' JumpsuitDiane von Furstenberg Belted Woven Romper

Show me your 70s!

Tomorrow: Top Center to Block

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's All in the Wrist--Again

Okay, on the wrist--again.

I met Terra at Nordstrom and asked
if I could take a pic for my blog. Hmm,
reminds me of a previous post. Wait,
this is mesh, not netting.

This clasp reminds me of a clutch
I don't usually wear bracelets because I'm OCD about washing my hands, and bracelets get in the way. I either get them wet and have to dry them, or I take them off first and that's all too much work. I like easy dressing. I consider myself low-maintenance (which explains a lot).

At the same time, I think change is a good thing and I challenge myself to make minor adjustments every now-and-then. (Which is why my tool bar is on the top of my right dual screen at work) So, I bought some bracelets. I picked out one with a peacock feather design and was excited that it was only $2.99! Well, I couldn't put it on. My knuckles and palm are too wide apparently. I kept trying different bangles to no avail. I finally found two that work.  

This one is more generous for
those of us with full-figured hands

It has elastic so I don't have to squeeze

Tomorrow: That 70s Look   

Click >here< if you missed yesterday's post. Join the fun!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

She's Got the Look

I've been asking a few relatives to send me pictures for my blog and I had an "Aha!" moment. I should ask my readers to send me pictures! This way you won't grow tired of seeing bad quality pictures of me. 

My niece Brianna. Her mom
sent me this picture when I told
her about my fashion blog.
So do you have the look? Since we've been on the subject of the 80s, do you have any like totally awesome pics you'd like to share? Or have you fallen for waterfall cardigans? Nostalgic for vintage? Send me pics that will fit any of my posts and I'll start a hybrid 'missed photo ops' segment. Let me know if I can mention you by first name, initials or anonymous. I suppose you can create an 'artist name.' My name is "Luka."   

Of course, this assumes anyone is reading my blog daily and will get this message. I guess I'll have to add a link to this post each time. Perhaps some lurkers will come out from hiding? "Who Can it Be Now?"

Okay seriously, enough 80s references.

Tomorrow: Bangles

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rubberband, Man

(Okay, so the song "Rubberband Man" by The Spinners was from the 70s, but just work with me here)

Another trend from the 80s that has returned is the rubberband bracelet. Only it's not called or considered a bracelet, it's a band and it's big with boys and girls. The upgrade is that these have shapes. 

How cool is the "Flying V"?
Sent this pic and told him
he was getting five packs.
His response was, "Oooooh!"

I'm such a pushover so I took my older son to the store to look for them. I promised my sick younger son that I would take a picture of the selection and e-mail it to my husband and he could choose what he wanted. I was anticipating breaking the bank, but they were 12 in a pack for $1!

We got two of each pack so each of my boys are rocking (new waving?) 59 (each had a casualty). 

Augie had his on his left wrist, but I told 
him he should wear them on his right
since he writes with his left. Otherwise,
he might ruin them. Not that I don't
expect that to happen with active boys.

Desi two-wristed 
I wish I had pics of me popping my Madonnawannabe look. Then again, I feel kind of "Borderline" about that idea. I mean, you might wonder, "Who's That Girl?"  

Tomorrow: Show Me, Show Me, Show Me

Friday, September 24, 2010

Like, Totally Footloose and Fancy Free

Leggings have been around again for a while. When I first saw their return I thought "been there, done that." But, when I went on my shopping mini-spree, I got a long top that really would go best with leggings. I thought the top might work with harem pants as well but those have truly been a trend, short-lived and on it's way out the door. Some people called them "Hammer" pants and I'm not touching that. 

So, now I want some leggings. I tried on a pair of plain ones with the top I got, but they were lacking in something. They were just plain. My friend Ann reminded me that our friend Mackenzie embellished hers and I think I shall imitate since it is the sincerest form of flattery. I thought being featured in my blog is the sincerest form of flattery? Or is that a sure sign that you've lost it? No, it means that those featured have been so kind as to support my blog. You like me, you truly like me! I don't have to feel awkward and insecure like I did in the 80s with my knockoff tops and braces. At least I didn't have to wear headgear.
Tomorrow: It's All in the Wrist 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Left of Center

I was trying to figure out how to tie the subject of laying down hardwood floors to fashion, this being (attempting to be) a blog about fashion and all. In my post yesterday I had an analogy involving jewelry. My first thought was asymmetry. Home improvement has more correlations to fashion than I would have thought. I decided to make today's post a part two of sorts.

The reason I thought of asymmetry is because of the pattern you should follow when laying down the wood. The seams should be at least six inches apart from one row of planks (slats?) to the next. I was trying to follow that pattern three rows worth but it was getting to be too difficult.

Augie was good at designing
the patterns. I think because
he is puzzle boy.

I wore this today to fit my blog.
I've always preferred asymmetry. Is it because I'm a little off? If center is normal, does that make me average? Or is center average, so I'm above-average? Below-average? Whatever the case asymmetry is off the hook! Or at least off-center.

When I tried on and bought this tank,
I somehow aligned it symmetrically.
How happy I was when I discovered
that when the seams are in their
correct position, it's asymmetrical!

Tomorrow: She's Got Legs (and Leggings)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From Fuzzy to Smooth

Am I talking about my hair when I get it flatironed? No, but it's an apt description. I'm actually not talking anything fashion-related, but I am talking style. Flooring style.

Two months ago instead of going anywhere for our weeklong vacation, we stayed home--literally. I think I left the house once before the week was through. "Why?" you ask. It's best explained with pictures.

Before (previous owners chose,
not my five-year-old self)

After! (Floor moulding is installed currently)
We decided to rip up our pink carpet to lay down solid oak hardwood. Now we have no carpet downstairs. Yay! We also redid the walls.

It's amazing how much fun shopping at home improvement stores can be. Shopping for home decor is like shopping for a wardrobe for your home. Although, some items like floors and doors are most likely not going to change up often. These are the bigger ticket items that you might want to test and feel and mull over before making a commitment, like you would with fine jewelry. Light fixtures and light switch covers might be quicker choices at less of an investment, like costume jewelry. I guess the pink carpet was the fashion jewelry that was pretty enough, but not brilliant and timeless. Let's hope the solid oak floors shine!

Tomorrow: Assymmetry

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dress for Success

I love dresses. The easiest thing for me to wear is a dress. It's one piece! How can you fail with a dress? You don't have to think about matching anything. Well, maybe picking out the right shoes but nowadays anything goes, even brown and black, and navy blue and black. At least I believe so. Even white after Labor Day.  

I guess you might pick out accessories to go with as well, but that's hard to foul up without really trying. So, why don't very many gals wear dresses? Or is it just at my work? At least some do wear dresses, and they do it well.    

Kristen wearing Adrianna Papell 

I hadn't really checked out Adrianna Papell dresses though I'm quite familiar with the name. Her styles are definitely my taste, as are Suzy Chin for Maggy Boutique, Maggy London, and Donna Morgan.

Me in Donna Morgan,
Moses the Junior Steamboat au natural

There's just something feminine about a dress. I wouldn't say I'm a girly girl but I do like to dress up--especially in dresses!

Tomorrow: Textures 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage: Well Worth Repeating

I'm awaiting a clearer picture, but I
still love this pic blurry or not.

I love this picture from my parents' wedding in 1963. With them are my maternal grandparents. How fetching is my grandma in a pillbox hat and "Jackie" suit? And how suave is my grandpa with his slicked back hair? Totally boss! (Miss them both) 

Since I love vintage, I would love to have worn my mom's wedding dress when I got married, but she was 85 pounds! My 'bigger' 118 pounds (on my wedding day, not now *sob*) didn't dare try it on. Her dress was made for her and mine for me. My dad looks like a hep cat who should be behind a mic (he can sing).

Speaking of vintage and weddings, my friend Kari loves vintage and just got married (congratulations!). I took this pic of her a few weeks back.

She was in New Orleans doing
relief work and picked this up

My cousins Terie, Schawn and Ruby
I wasn't planning to include this picture from my wedding originally, but how could I not? It fits the theme of this post! The fact is that I didn't even think about this until I was digging through my closet looking for vintage dresses to include in yesterday's post and I found my version of this dress in lilac that I was supposed to change into at the reception. These vintage-inspired dresses were supposed to have a bow at the empire-waistline but it came out like a bowtie instead of a thin bow. We removed them and the rest is history. 

Tomorrow: Dress with Ease 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm a Little Bit Folk, I'm a Little Bit Rock n' Roll

Today marks the first full month of my daily* blog so I thought I'd discuss my style. I'm sure it has come through via my posts, but I really wanted to sit down and analyze it. So grab a big mug o' java and gather 'round.

It's evident that I'm a sucker (for lack of a better word) for trends. But, every time I shop I still gravitate toward the same style: vintage--true and inspired. I love the style of yesteryear like that of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy (she wasn't Jackie O until 1968 and I'm speaking of her earlier styles, but I believe she remained a fashion icon). I also like newer creations that draw from the looks of times past.

And, I like funky. I special ordered a pair of earrings that spell "Mama" and would wear those to an all-Finance meeting. I wore my guitar pick earrings with my Ella Moss draped cowl neck top to an interview. I wore all black with a splash of geometric tights the other day.

The final analysis of my style: eclectic. I know, I know, that word can be overused when describing people's styles and tastes of anything and everything. But also overused are Seinfeld references, seasonings and the word 'fabulous', but I'll still subscribe to it all.

*I was considering slowing down to a few posts per week, but I'm striving to continue with daily posts. I figure that if I don't have a whole topic in mind I can take a picture of an outfit I see that day and make a brief comment on it. Or I can post a video of my cat doing nothing.

Tomorrow: While We're on the Subject . . .      

Saturday, September 18, 2010

All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

My boys after the wedding we attended today. We were full from the delicious food and exhausted from busting our moves on the dance floor. 
I was right about what they were going
to wear. Probably because I usually
pick out their clothes for such occasions.

I didn't get a picture of myself at the wedding but I have this pic I took to send my friend for her opinion. 

I wore this with a cream shell
which dressed it up more
I had wanted to shop for a dress at the Nordstrom Rack. However, my schedule Friday night after work didn't allow for it and I wouldn't be myself if I hadn't waited until the last minute. I had an errand to run at Target, I saw a sale sign in apparel that mentioned 75% off, and I thought I'd check it out. You know me and bargains. Plus, I've recently realized that I'm keen on ruffles. I am not a fashion diva and will tell everyone where I got my dress each time I wear it and how much it cost: $9.98+tax.

Just like at the bridal shower there was no shortage of outfits I could have photographed but my focus was on the wedding, not my blog. And so was the focus of the 200+ there.  

Tomorrow: Just My Style       

Friday, September 17, 2010

In Terms of Fashion

With Fashion Week fresh in our minds and knowledge always good to clothe ourselves with, I'm determined to learn more fashionology and share with y'all. A term I've heard a few times recently is "raglan." When I read its description, I was ragged from trying to make sense of it. It's best expressed in pictures. Hint: Don't wear your heart on this.

Ariana wore this yesterday which
was perfect timing for this post

Maggy London Pintuck Ponte Knit Sheath Dress
Dressy in raglan


Under Armour HeatGear&#174; Running Shirt
Common in athletic tops

Figure it out? I heart this feature! 1) Because I run hot and this fits loosely providing more room and 2) It's one of those features you may never notice but it's distinguishable. Get it now? Then go get it!      

Tomorrow: Dress You Up 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Notes from Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has come to a finale and what have we learned? Nothing from me being on the left coast and all. I suppose I could have looked at daily highlights and made comments but I didn't. I could have made it a little less overwhelming by picking out some key designers and commenting on their shows. But I didn't. 

I jumped the gun with Fashion Week and decided to take guesses at trends for Spring 2011. How did I fare? 

• I already expressed my enthusiasm about Jason Wu and Cushnie et Ochs featuring chiffon 

Tadashi Shoji Side Knot Silk Chiffon Gown
I adore this long chiffon gown

I would wear this to the wedding
this weekend. Also comes in silver.
• Believe it or not, netting was featured but with swimwear 
• Skater wear didn't leave the half-pipe ramp to ride to the catwalk      
• Polka dots? Really? Do you remember the inspiration? Actually, Nanette Lepore uses polka dots so it's not completely silly.     

Tomorrow: Fashion 101    

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wax On, Wax (and Hair) Off

There are two giveaways that I've had my hair cut (well, many hairs). One is that my hair is flat-ironed. The other is that my eyebrows are waxed. My hairstylist (aka my friend Tanya) takes good care of me. I have crazy eyebrows. They're thick, yet sparse and short. They're shaped differently from each other.

Many people don't notice the scar on my eye
until many years of knowing me. If they ever notice.

Can I keep up with them?

I didn't take before-and-after pictures of my haircut per se. Of course, if you look at previous posts of me with my hair down then look at yesterday's post, you'll get the idea.

Tomorrow: New York Minutes

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Your Mother's Sweater Vest

(unless you're my children)

I've been wanting to layer more because 1) I like the look of it and 2) In the Northwest, the day can start out drizzly and gray in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon, and hailing and windy in the evening. But, the latter reason requires more outerwear. This post is about layering an outfit.

I like the look of camis and cardis (a future post no doubt), but I'm thinking beyond that. This outfit is a good example:

What you're missing are her skinny jeans
which complete her look and make it rock!

Hanisa's outfit is so comfortable cool yet chic. This was probably effortless for her because she's got fashion know-how, whereas I can't figure out what else to wear with my mustard sweater vest. 

Holding my Michael Kors handbag which I
carry all the time because 1) I don't have much of
a collection and 2) I'm too lazy to switch out
Every time I've worn this sweater it's been with this cream v-neck cotton top. I could not find it for the life of me and wanted to wear it today. I tried wearing it with a sheer cream button up top with ruffled collar and cuffs (with cream tank underneath), but the collar didn't fall right. I tried it with my black v-neck cotton top like the one in the pic but I looked like a bumblebee. When I was about to give up, I found my cream top hanging in my laundry room. It's too bad because I really need to learn how to mix things up with this vest (but nothing ketchup-colored).

Tomorrow: Hair Removal

Monday, September 13, 2010

Big is beautiful!

I was going to add another of Ann's big rings to my latest missed pic post, but I discovered more big rings and decided I should do a whole other big rings post (I have a feeling that this will become a segment since I want to add to my collection of one). Big rings are so fun and make such a big statement (I don't know what the statement is, but it sounds good) that I felt they needed to stand alone. They're great conversation pieces (I don't know what the conversation is, but it sounds good).     
I probably could have zoomed in on Ann's ring,
 but I like how it matched her shimmery jacket
and geometric skirt.

Candis said the bottom one is opal.
I haven't seen opal in that color. Pretty cool!
Tomorrow: Lay on the Layers   

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missed Show and Tell

I wanted to add my husband's Kindergarten class pic next to mine on my Back to School post, but I didn't have it ready. My ma-in-law sent me his individual pic.

I just want to pinch those cheeks!
In this case, I didn't have the pic in time.

I was scrolling through my posts and read my teaser "Working 9-to-5" on the aforementioned post. I realized that I completely missed my intro on the next day which explains why I did a work post on a Sunday. Apparently when copying and pasting from my notepad to my blog, I cut this out. I really wanted this preface to that post on Sunday, September 5, 2010:

"It's 09/05 so I wanted to do a 9-to-5 post. I'm so cliché that way."

Phew! I feel so much better now. Don't you feel like a better person now?

My friend Tanya wore this to a barbecue in August. I took the picture knowing I was going to do a post about wearing white.

A nice crisp outfit with a fun
splash of Persian red.
In this case, I had the pic but forgot to include it.

Until my next segment of missed pics and missing brain cells . . .  

Tomorrow: More Ring Bling

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Do

. . . want to dress pretty for a wedding we're attending next weekend. This post isn't about a wedding dress, rather it's about wedding attire. What to wear?

I know you're not supposed to compete with the bride so I'm not going to wear my wedding dress (not that I could fit it). Does this also mean you're not supposed to wear white or cream or whatever color the bride is wearing? I remember reading that Beyoncé requested that all of her female guests wear a white dress like her. She and I haven't spoken recently, so I can't ask her what inspired her to do that.

Are you supposed to avoid wearing wedding colors as well? Or, just the main color? The wedding colors are hot pink, black and white. How fun is that? A majority will probably wear black or black-and-white because they're basic colors, especially for suiting. Is it a faux pas to wear hot pink for those not in the wedding party? Or since those are the colors of the wedding, and we're the guests, are we supposed to follow the theme of the color scheme? How about other shades of pink?   

I usually wear a dress or a skirt. I used to dress like I would for a formal dance or the theatre (read slowly with a British accent of your choice). But, it's a late afternoon wedding so that might be too dressy? I'm sure I'll wear a dress, but I don't think I'll be able to buy a new one. I shall search my closet.   

My husband will wear a suit but I'm not sure which one. Perhaps his black pin-striped DKNY suit. One son will probably wear his suit that matches papa. The other will probably wear a traditional Filipino Barong Tagalog which is an embroidered transparent dress shirt (his is his favorite color orange) worn with a white t-shirt underneath. We'll see if I'm right. It's more likely I am for this than I am with Spring 2011 trends. Chiffon?

Wait! I just checked the wire and Jason Wu and Cushnie et Ochs have showcased chiffon! 

Okay, I am including pics of my wedding dress because I don't have any pics for this post and my post from Thursday looked lonely without pics.

Instead of overwhelming myself with the
choice of dresses out there, I chose a feature
I wanted--draped back--and got it made.
Me and my dad. (Not grammatically
correct, but directional left-to-right)
Dancing the night away
Tomorrow: Missed Photo Ops: II