Back to Pencils, Back to Books, Back to Stylish Student Looks?

You'd think that since the phrase is "Back-to-School shopping" that I'd be all rarin' to go but I'm not. Of course I'm not shopping for me, but that's not why I've been procrastinating. Shopping for supplies is what makes me want to hide in my locker. 

Every store is always out of jumbo glue sticks. You'd think I would have bought them weeks ago to make sure I secured them. But they're on sale NOW. If there are any for sale still.

I don't mind buying hand sanitizers, wipes, tissue, snacks and all of the other stuff on the list nowadays that we didn't have to buy as kids. The school district doesn't provide it all, and I wouldn't want teachers to have to be the ones to do so for their many students. My employer provides my desk supplies, but I provide my hand lotion and cube d├ęcor like picture frames and magnets with cute sayings. A little give-and-take, yeah? I do make sure my children eat yogurt because anti-bacterial soaps and wipes take away good bacteria also. (Hold on, I'm getting back down off my soapbox again).

My biggest memory about back-to-school shopping was new clothes, of course. We couldn't afford much so I didn't get too many new outfits. When shopping for Kindergarten for my boys, I went overboard because I didn't want them to feel left out. I would tend to buy them skater dude type of clothes. Now it seems they're more into cartoon characters. 

Overall, it doesn't matter because the kids in their school are chill and don't seem to overemphasize new clothes or brand names and it's all good. We'll see how that changes in middle school in a few years.

My Kindergarten class picture

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