Block Party

My brother "Coya Michael" aka
Cousin Mike aka Uncle Monkey
had it right back in the day.
More 70s flashbacks! This is
circa 1978 based on a baby in
the rest of the pic that I cropped.
When I first read that color block is in for fall, I thought it meant solid colors and I wondered when that has ever gone out of style. Isn't that perpetual? Isn't that a given? Well, it shows what kind of fashion blockhead I am.

Color block is all about blocks of colors. Genius name for it (and obviously not foolproof). It reminds me of Goldie Hawn in "Laugh-In" or something. I think of go-go dancers. I think of the sign-off screen at the end of the day when stations would leave the air until morning. That's something our kids may never experience with cable and 24-hour TV and DVDs and Internet. Oh for the days when we didn't have information overload and our brains would get some rest. Although back in the 60s/70s people were doing other things in their spare time that messed with their brains. Can't win for losing. But, you usually win if you get center square!

Tomorrow: Flower Power


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