I Do

. . . want to dress pretty for a wedding we're attending next weekend. This post isn't about a wedding dress, rather it's about wedding attire. What to wear?

I know you're not supposed to compete with the bride so I'm not going to wear my wedding dress (not that I could fit it). Does this also mean you're not supposed to wear white or cream or whatever color the bride is wearing? I remember reading that Beyoncé requested that all of her female guests wear a white dress like her. She and I haven't spoken recently, so I can't ask her what inspired her to do that.

Are you supposed to avoid wearing wedding colors as well? Or, just the main color? The wedding colors are hot pink, black and white. How fun is that? A majority will probably wear black or black-and-white because they're basic colors, especially for suiting. Is it a faux pas to wear hot pink for those not in the wedding party? Or since those are the colors of the wedding, and we're the guests, are we supposed to follow the theme of the color scheme? How about other shades of pink?   

I usually wear a dress or a skirt. I used to dress like I would for a formal dance or the theatre (read slowly with a British accent of your choice). But, it's a late afternoon wedding so that might be too dressy? I'm sure I'll wear a dress, but I don't think I'll be able to buy a new one. I shall search my closet.   

My husband will wear a suit but I'm not sure which one. Perhaps his black pin-striped DKNY suit. One son will probably wear his suit that matches papa. The other will probably wear a traditional Filipino Barong Tagalog which is an embroidered transparent dress shirt (his is his favorite color orange) worn with a white t-shirt underneath. We'll see if I'm right. It's more likely I am for this than I am with Spring 2011 trends. Chiffon?

Wait! I just checked the wire and Jason Wu and Cushnie et Ochs have showcased chiffon! 

Okay, I am including pics of my wedding dress because I don't have any pics for this post and my post from Thursday looked lonely without pics.

Instead of overwhelming myself with the
choice of dresses out there, I chose a feature
I wanted--draped back--and got it made.
Me and my dad. (Not grammatically
correct, but directional left-to-right)
Dancing the night away
Tomorrow: Missed Photo Ops: II


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