It's All in the Wrist--Again

Okay, on the wrist--again.

I met Terra at Nordstrom and asked
if I could take a pic for my blog. Hmm,
reminds me of a previous post. Wait,
this is mesh, not netting.

This clasp reminds me of a clutch
I don't usually wear bracelets because I'm OCD about washing my hands, and bracelets get in the way. I either get them wet and have to dry them, or I take them off first and that's all too much work. I like easy dressing. I consider myself low-maintenance (which explains a lot).

At the same time, I think change is a good thing and I challenge myself to make minor adjustments every now-and-then. (Which is why my tool bar is on the top of my right dual screen at work) So, I bought some bracelets. I picked out one with a peacock feather design and was excited that it was only $2.99! Well, I couldn't put it on. My knuckles and palm are too wide apparently. I kept trying different bangles to no avail. I finally found two that work.  

This one is more generous for
those of us with full-figured hands

It has elastic so I don't have to squeeze

Tomorrow: That 70s Look   

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