In Terms of Fashion

With Fashion Week fresh in our minds and knowledge always good to clothe ourselves with, I'm determined to learn more fashionology and share with y'all. A term I've heard a few times recently is "raglan." When I read its description, I was ragged from trying to make sense of it. It's best expressed in pictures. Hint: Don't wear your heart on this.

Ariana wore this yesterday which
was perfect timing for this post

Maggy London Pintuck Ponte Knit Sheath Dress
Dressy in raglan


Under Armour HeatGear® Running Shirt
Common in athletic tops

Figure it out? I heart this feature! 1) Because I run hot and this fits loosely providing more room and 2) It's one of those features you may never notice but it's distinguishable. Get it now? Then go get it!      

Tomorrow: Dress You Up 


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