Surrender to the Fashion Police

Years ago I had heard that the 'No white after Labor Day/before Memorial Day" rule was overturned. I remember a television commercial where former model Kathy Ireland told the viewing audience that the rule was no more. My husband asked me who she was so I told him. He said that he had never heard of her and maybe it had to do with her declaration. Maybe she was no longer being hired. I don't think that's the case and I don't think her products having been sold at Kmart have to do with it either. (What's wrong with Kmart? I was just there shopping for school supplies and saw some nice window treatments)

I still see/hear references to the rule from friends and even fashion websites. So, what is it? White is okay any time: Yay or nay? I contend it is yay and just Googled it. Most say it's an old rule. It still gets discussed so I think some aren't convinced. I think others just haven't gotten the memo.

Note to self: White is not forgiving.
Wore this Fri 09/03. My last hurrah.
Why was my first thought Pagliacci
the clown? This is what my son Augie
"Ketchup and Mustard." 
Then there's the question of what about those countries that don't have either holiday? Was it based on seasons? What about winter white? Also, was it just shoes? I think it was below the belt: shoes, pants and skirts. Did it end on Labor Day or was that the last day to wear white?

Whatever the case, it's whatever you want it to be. I think there's no more rule but I still can't bring myself to intentionally follow the new rule of the old rule being old. So if I see someone wearing white bottoms or shoes, I won't make a citizen's arrest. I also won't force anyone to wear it.     

Tomorrow: Shopping Spree (need I say more?) 


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