Falling for Trends

Last Monday while our hubbies ditched us to take Desi fishing, my friend Ann and I dragged little Augie shopping. I thought we were going on the trip but it was just for the menfolk so what was a girl to do?

There were lots of markdowns for the long weekend, so this budget bargain shopper didn't have to work too hard to score some fabulous finds. I decided to focus on fall color trends (according to a few fashion sources) and got an olive dress with draped neckline and wide waistband, as well as a gray extra-long tunic--both with pockets! I also got this blush tank with assymetrical vertical ruffles and dusty rose (not a fall color trend) open-front cardigan.

My photographers were on break
so I had to take this myself
My co-worker Meadow also went on a shopping spree on the same day at the same Nordstrom but we didn't run into each other. She wore this black drapefront cardigan and blue necklace tank on Tuesday and I had to capture it.

Carrying a pink Coach wristlet
I don't have any pics of Ann in her new garms but I'll get them! 

The boys only got a nibble as they fished in the pouring rain (don't tell my mom), but we sure got ourselves some catches! 

Tomorrow: Fashion Week for Spring 2011: Take 2


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