She's Got the Look

I've been asking a few relatives to send me pictures for my blog and I had an "Aha!" moment. I should ask my readers to send me pictures! This way you won't grow tired of seeing bad quality pictures of me. 

My niece Brianna. Her mom
sent me this picture when I told
her about my fashion blog.
So do you have the look? Since we've been on the subject of the 80s, do you have any like totally awesome pics you'd like to share? Or have you fallen for waterfall cardigans? Nostalgic for vintage? Send me pics that will fit any of my posts and I'll start a hybrid 'missed photo ops' segment. Let me know if I can mention you by first name, initials or anonymous. I suppose you can create an 'artist name.' My name is "Luka."   

Of course, this assumes anyone is reading my blog daily and will get this message. I guess I'll have to add a link to this post each time. Perhaps some lurkers will come out from hiding? "Who Can it Be Now?"

Okay seriously, enough 80s references.

Tomorrow: Bangles


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