Not Your Mother's Sweater Vest

(unless you're my children)

I've been wanting to layer more because 1) I like the look of it and 2) In the Northwest, the day can start out drizzly and gray in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon, and hailing and windy in the evening. But, the latter reason requires more outerwear. This post is about layering an outfit.

I like the look of camis and cardis (a future post no doubt), but I'm thinking beyond that. This outfit is a good example:

What you're missing are her skinny jeans
which complete her look and make it rock!

Hanisa's outfit is so comfortable cool yet chic. This was probably effortless for her because she's got fashion know-how, whereas I can't figure out what else to wear with my mustard sweater vest. 

Holding my Michael Kors handbag which I
carry all the time because 1) I don't have much of
a collection and 2) I'm too lazy to switch out
Every time I've worn this sweater it's been with this cream v-neck cotton top. I could not find it for the life of me and wanted to wear it today. I tried wearing it with a sheer cream button up top with ruffled collar and cuffs (with cream tank underneath), but the collar didn't fall right. I tried it with my black v-neck cotton top like the one in the pic but I looked like a bumblebee. When I was about to give up, I found my cream top hanging in my laundry room. It's too bad because I really need to learn how to mix things up with this vest (but nothing ketchup-colored).

Tomorrow: Hair Removal


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