Vintage: Well Worth Repeating

I'm awaiting a clearer picture, but I
still love this pic blurry or not.

I love this picture from my parents' wedding in 1963. With them are my maternal grandparents. How fetching is my grandma in a pillbox hat and "Jackie" suit? And how suave is my grandpa with his slicked back hair? Totally boss! (Miss them both) 

Since I love vintage, I would love to have worn my mom's wedding dress when I got married, but she was 85 pounds! My 'bigger' 118 pounds (on my wedding day, not now *sob*) didn't dare try it on. Her dress was made for her and mine for me. My dad looks like a hep cat who should be behind a mic (he can sing).

Speaking of vintage and weddings, my friend Kari loves vintage and just got married (congratulations!). I took this pic of her a few weeks back.

She was in New Orleans doing
relief work and picked this up

My cousins Terie, Schawn and Ruby
I wasn't planning to include this picture from my wedding originally, but how could I not? It fits the theme of this post! The fact is that I didn't even think about this until I was digging through my closet looking for vintage dresses to include in yesterday's post and I found my version of this dress in lilac that I was supposed to change into at the reception. These vintage-inspired dresses were supposed to have a bow at the empire-waistline but it came out like a bowtie instead of a thin bow. We removed them and the rest is history. 

Tomorrow: Dress with Ease 


  1. ~OH HOW I LOVE THOSE PICTURES ! Loved the blog too, Jen...more please :)

    Do you know I have that suit of your grandma's ? I should get it dry cleaned and maybe, if I dare, wear it ?

    Love you ! It's me


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