Fashionably Early

I figured that I couldn't attempt a fashion blog without discussing Fashion Week, so I reserved today for a Fashion Week post because I thought it started today. Well, I'm early. It starts Thursday. When you think about it though, Fashion Week is early. I mean, this Fashion Week showcases Spring 2011 trends. The one this past February showcased Fall 2010 trends.

With fall just a couple of weeks away, I guess I'll catch up on those trends. For now since I'm all jumbled up, I'll make an uneducated, unguided, completely out of thin air guess at what will be showcased for Spring 2011. 

Jen's baseless guesses at Spring trends:

• Chiffon--why not? It's flowy and feminine and a spring tulip or summer lavender festival make a nice backdrop 

• Netting--I was looking out the window and saw tarp with fraying that looked like net. I don't really think netting will be in, but come next spring if you see it . . .

• Skater Dudes and Skate Betties--In Saturday's post I mentioned how I'd buy my boys skater dude clothes but now they're into character graphic tees. Well, we ended up buying both and their skater tees came with mini skateboards. Let's all join in!   

This time Desi's face was truly
out of focus, but I blurred it more :o)
• Polka dots--I'm wearing polka dot pajamas (it's a lazy day). That's the inspiration.

Okay, I need to stop because I'm just being silly. Wouldn't it be funny if that's how trends were started? Just random thoughts and sightings. Good times.

Tomorrow: White After Labor Day               


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