Business Dress Versus Career Fashion

When my department moved to a different office building earlier this summer, we found ourselves on the same floor as our CFO, EVP of Finance, Controller, Assistant Controller and many Finance higher managers. Even though our dress code includes 'fashion denim', I have been trying to wear jeans less. When I do wear jeans, I stick to dark washes and try to dress them up as much as possible. Otherwise, I'm dressing up more. I feel like it's part of the territory.

The other week I walked by a group in the reception area that was meeting with our EVP I believe. I felt underdressed even though I was dressed up. I think the difference was the style of dress. The men and women were wearing suits whereas I was probably wearing something I've shared in one of my posts. It made me think of the difference between tailored power suits  and trendy or funky dress fashion. Both are dressy, but is the latter less professional? I don't think so. They're just different styles that work for work.

Today is Sunday so I couldn't take pics of examples from work. Instead I took pics of my friends. I took this one of JoJo and Brett because it fits my post and because they match. How cute is that? (Ah, newlyweds)

Her top is a mock turtleneck
with ruching. Her shoes have
faux scales. I didn't ask what
kind of suit he's wearing.
Ann's cape has a big button collar,
slitted sleeves,
and looped belt. Career fashion
is closing in on power outfit maybe?
My son Desi is in a gray pinstriped suit that
matches my husband's Joseph Abboud suit.
I'll have to get a pic of hubby in that suit someday.
(Of course Desi's isn't JA. Kids grow too fast for
designer suits IMHO) Desi's head was feeling fuzzy.
Again, I need a camera with hi-res. Still, I love the convenience of my phone's camera. 

Tomorrow: Fashion Week


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