Flower in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

I hadn't noticed her flower bracelet until now. What's a fiesta
without flowers? Still a whole lotta fun, but even better with les

Something about flowers just brightens my day. Around here fall welcomes the gray, and winter invites it to stay. When crocus bulbs start peeking through around March, I just smile. Their blooms don't last too long but just long enough to say, "Hey, I know it's not all sunshine and roses, but we're almost there. The gray will continue to visit, but soon it will take its leave and everything will be coming up roses . . . and daphnes and tulips and daffodils . . . "

Floral designs in clothing and jewelry also make me smile. There's
that measure of femininity that while delicate can grab attention. It
can make dainty fingers spring to life. Floral appliqués make an
already pretty cardigan georgeous. Florals aren't necessary a trend
for fall but they're always in bloom in my book.

Sonia's flower ring

I don't know why I cropped Jaime's head. I initially wanted a pic of her necklace but then I asked her to show her ring. Then I noticed her cardi. A flower girl appropriately at a wedding! (But she was not the flower girl)

Do you have flower power?

Tomorrow: Prepare for Glare


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