Clash of the Tartans

Okay, I wouldn't really wear a tartan because
1) I'm not Scottish and don't have a family/clan tartan
2) I'm not male and I believe only males wear them

Wait, I'm thinking about kilts. In that case, I would wear tartan because I like plaid. Apparently what we call plaid is really tartan. Plaid is really a piece of cloth slung over the shoulder (somewhat like a sash?) in a tartan pattern. Got it? There'll be a quiz later.

On the topic of patterns, I don't have a lot of patterned clothes but I'm trying to expand. I tend to stay safe and stick to solids. Beyond just adding patterns--plaids, florals, lace silhouettes, etc.--to my wardrobe, I am intrigued about mixing patterns successfully. I think there's a fine line between getting it right and looking like your six-year-old dressed you (although mine likes to try to match whereas my 8-year-old purposely tries not to match).

A few months ago, my friend Christi had an outfit that caught my eye (a lot of hers do that). When I mentioned it, she said that it was her first venture in mixing patterns. I thought it worked out well. She sent me this pic.

What is with everyone wanting to be headless? I'm such a trendsetter!

The pic from my "Pick Pockets!" post was my attempt at mixing things up, but with solids. I usually would have worn a cream or black tank/cami and black shoes. I guess I'm taking baby steps . . . in platform huaraches.

Tomorrow: Hair Flair      


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