I'm a Little Bit Folk, I'm a Little Bit Rock n' Roll

Today marks the first full month of my daily* blog so I thought I'd discuss my style. I'm sure it has come through via my posts, but I really wanted to sit down and analyze it. So grab a big mug o' java and gather 'round.

It's evident that I'm a sucker (for lack of a better word) for trends. But, every time I shop I still gravitate toward the same style: vintage--true and inspired. I love the style of yesteryear like that of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy (she wasn't Jackie O until 1968 and I'm speaking of her earlier styles, but I believe she remained a fashion icon). I also like newer creations that draw from the looks of times past.

And, I like funky. I special ordered a pair of earrings that spell "Mama" and would wear those to an all-Finance meeting. I wore my guitar pick earrings with my Ella Moss draped cowl neck top to an interview. I wore all black with a splash of geometric tights the other day.

The final analysis of my style: eclectic. I know, I know, that word can be overused when describing people's styles and tastes of anything and everything. But also overused are Seinfeld references, seasonings and the word 'fabulous', but I'll still subscribe to it all.

*I was considering slowing down to a few posts per week, but I'm striving to continue with daily posts. I figure that if I don't have a whole topic in mind I can take a picture of an outfit I see that day and make a brief comment on it. Or I can post a video of my cat doing nothing.

Tomorrow: While We're on the Subject . . .      


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