Great Lengths

The other day as I was stepping out into the cool gray morning, I realized my desire--no need--for coffee. It's not that the breeze wasn't enough to shock me awake. I just imagined warming up with a tall extra hot coconut latté. I also imagined this latté in an oversized round mug cupped in my hands and wearing a lightweight sweater with extra-long sleeves to buffer the extreme heat of the mug.

I'm not sure why I envisioned that scene. Not that we don't have coffee shops on every corner around these parts. For some reason I think I have a thin ivory v-neck cashmere sweater with extra long sleeves that bell out. I might be thinking of a sweater my friend Jaime has. Maybe I secretly want her clothes. 

I took this pic of her today after I wrote this.
It doesn't fit this specific post but gives you an
idea of her wardrobe. She wanted this pic
to be headless like my pics so far.
I took this one at a funtastic barbecue
later in the day. Her casual is not that casual.
She's so fashionabulous! My ma-in-law even
asked if we were supposed to be dressed up.
(Convinced her not to go headless for this pic
so I could capture her necklace better)
When I thought of extra-long sleeves, I thought of my friend Mackenzie. I believe she has a few tops with extra-long sleeves. I seem to recall her extending them and holding her arms to her bodice and keeping herself warm. Is it weird to notice or even recall such things?  

I like the look of extra-long sleeves and am adding that to my list of wardrobe wants. You'd think that since I'm only 4'11" (I'm a broken record), every long-sleeved top I purchase has extra-long sleeves for me. But again, I tend to run hot so I don't have a whole lot of long-sleeve shirts. I do get cold sometimes so I have been trying to buy more longer sleeve tops when I shop.

Almost there, but I want something more continuous
rather than a stop at the wrist then a ruffling out.
Closer but it still stops at the wrist then comes
the cuff. And, they work with cocktails, too!

Tomorrow: Pockets


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