Too Big for My Britches?

Does writing a fashion blog mean that I need to be a fashionable person? Or can it be like being in Finance but not having the best personal finances? (Amazing how I come up with these analogies) Or how about going to a barbershop and choosing the barber with the bad haircut to cut your hair because in theory he cut the hair of the barber with the nice haircut and vice versa? Okay, that was out in left-field.

The first time I heard the saying "Those who can do, those who can't teach" was in the movie The Wedding Planner. I don't know that I agree with that because it underscores the dedication teachers make to our children. Does this imply they teach because they can't do the tasks themselves? Isn't it hard to teach someone how to do something if you don't know how to do it yourself?  

I'd say someone would need to know how to cook in order to write a cooking blog. Which is why I am not writing a cooking blog. Not to be to confused with writing a food blog because I think that requires being able to eat food and I love to eat. So, in that respect, someone would need to know how to design, sew, hem, alter, etc., in order to write a blog on designing. But it's okay for me to write a fashion blog because I like fashion and work for a retail company (behind the scenes though, remember).

In the aforementioned movie, J. Lo's character applied the saying to herself further stating, "Those who can wed, those who can't plan." Or maybe it's those who can do, those who can't blog? I don't think there are any rules. 

Everything considered, I wear clothes so I have some credentials. I will keep on keeping on, and someday I may be more consistent about when I post each day (for the two of you reading).
Tomorrow: Extra-long sleeves  


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