Pick Pockets!

Many years ago when I didn't carry a big handbag, I would put things in my pockets. At one point a friend told me that she would start calling me "Pockets" because my pockets would bulge and eventually burst at the seams--or through the material, especially in the case of keys. The name didn't take but I still filled my pockets. 

I carry a bigger handbag now--and even a tote for my book, bottle of water, umbrella and change of shoes when I take the bus--but I still like pockets. When I see a skirt or dress that has pockets, I get excited because these articles of clothing don't usually have these small sections of storage magnificence. That's why I love this skirt!

I decided to keep my head in the pic this time.
Not that I think I look good. (I think I looked better
in the picks where I cropped out my head).
I look suspicious or something. (Who's this kid
taking my picture? Oh, it's my 8-year-old son)
Rather, I wanted to capture my earrings and
flower in my hair. Those items added an island look.

Hopefully you can see the pocket flaps
when zoomed in. (So much better without my head)
One article of clothing that I used to laugh about when I'd see pockets is pajamas. I wondered why they were needed when you wear them when you're just sleeping. Do people keep change in them in case they want to fill their tires with air in the middle of the night? Maybe a sandwich in case they get hungry? Then I realized how I could put them to use. My lip balm! Sometimes my lips are so dry it's nice to have it handy. (I'll spare you a picture of me in pajamas)

Tomorrow: Ring Bling    


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