Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coffee--a Tasty Art

Art by Tyler at Fonté on 1st Ave in downtown Seattle (connected to the Four Seasons, across from SAM).

I saw this post on my friend Eden's blog and thought I'd join the Coffee (Appreciation) Revolution. Well, I tested out the coffee revolution as a Senior in high school ('90-'91) when Starbucks had Mocha Mondays. Then as a Freshman in college I was full-fledged when a friend introduced me to iced raspberry mochas with whip at By George on the University of Washington campus. No wonder my food allowance ran out so quickly!

I took the above picture a month or so ago because my co-worker took a picture of hers. I wasn't sure why she made a big deal of it, but as I'm typing this I realize it's because she usually goes to Starbucks where they put a lid on your drink before giving it to you.

I will probably have iced coffees as Seattle enjoys its late summer. I'll share my next coffee art when I can! For now, check out Bella's post which got Eden (and our friend Lori) on board.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Greetings from Yellowstone!

We're actually leaving today. This is the sign at the North entrance in Gardiner, Montana.

Look, I'm still layering! I don't know what to call this. It's not really a cardigan; it's just sleeves. A shrug? Shell? Underneath is a spaghetti strap tank. My "skirt" is actually a bandeau dress. I'm linking to Many Layers Monday with Mimi (see her button on my sidebar).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Many Layers, Many Faces

Linking up to Many Layers Monday with Mimi from Aesthetic Lounge. Yes, it's Tuesday but you know on what time I run.

I still feel funny getting my picture taken so this group of pictures is brought to you by Awkward Jen. Also sponsored by TinyGoatStudios :D


"Dear in Headlights"

"Je Suis Mime (pas Mimi)"

"Kissy Poo"

I feel awkward having my picture taken, yet I post four of them. Go figure!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thinking Outside of the Cardigan

Does it look like I jumped the fence to a junkyard? This is our broke down motorcycle in our backyard. We stylin'!

I have to wear sleeves at work, so my usual solution to a sleeveless top is throwing on a cardigan. I forget about layering underneath and rocking the faux vest look. I don't think that's a term but I like to say "faux" parce que j'aime practicing my French.

Today I'm linking up with Mimi from Aesthetic Lounge for Many Layers Monday. Yesterday I mentioned that my hubby and I are making jewelry like everyone and their mothers. Well, Mimi isn't included in that because she makes REAL jewelry. She is a professional whereas hubby and I are amateurs. I'm okay with mediocrity. Although, we have made a business out of it, so can we call ourselves professional? We like our stuff and apparently others do as well. Whatever the case, we're having a good time. Our pictures are mediocre though.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sorry, I've Been Busy

Marysville Homegrown Festival
Yes, my husband and I are making jewelry like everybody else and their mothers. Well, at least Desi's (yellow splotch) and Augie's. I'll post some when I get better pictures. Meanwhile, I hope you "Like" us!

Tour de Terrace

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summerless in Seattle

Okay, so the sun ended up coming out today. Fog this morning? Really? I'm so over this autummer!

I bought these gladiator sandals last year but didn't wear them much because the strap cuts right before my pinky toe. It's annoying! (can you tell I'm having a Monday kind of Monday?) Now I don't care if my pinky toes are footloose (pun intended) and fancy free. Looks funny, but whatever!

Linking up with Mimi of Aethestic Lounge for Many Layers Monday. See sidebar for her badge to check it out and join the fun!

Is it Friday yet?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eclectic Ethnic

I like how this pic shows the fullness of my skirt; however, I had a funny expression so I had to crop my head.

Summer Trends Fashion Challenge
Thursday Theme: Eclectic Prints

I couldn't remember if the theme was eclectic or ethnic so I chose a skirt that I think fits both. But really, how does one define ethnic? This skirt reminds me of Middle Eastern architecture. It kind of reminds me of French fleur de lis. And chandeliers. And lace. This is one hardworking skirt! I don't know if this truly fits the eclectic print theme. If not, I can do some fun fancy photo app distortions.

Really, no one could tell me my hair was sticking up? It looks like it's windy but it's not!

I turned my head and still my hair didn't budge? I guess that was some heavy duty anti-climate hairspray. Yes, anti-climate because it lightly rained today. Seriously?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sparkle and Shine

(Yes, I realize now that tucking in was not a good choice)

Wednesday: Sparkles for Day

The Wednesday theme for the Summer Trends blog challenge with Megan and Keely has helped me add some sparkle to our gloomy summer. Okay, you can't see the sparkle very well with my fruit phone camera. I featured this top In a post during the winter. Appropriate since our weather is wintery. Check it out.

Also check out the other participants of this challenge by pressing this badge. Make sure to click my link to come back :D

I should have taken a pic of my outfit from Friday because it was more blingity sparkleness.

I usually wouldn't wear all black during the summer but it's more like late winter/early spring around here. Rain? Seriously? Where is my two weeks of summer? It usually comes in mid-July. Wait, it's not quite the halfway point yet. Perhaps I should be patient.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Did Someone Say Challenge?

The new Desi

What's the best way to coax me out of hiding? A blog challenge! Megan with Megan Mae Daily is co-hosting a Summer Trends blog challenge with Keely of Casual Chic Kiki. I participated in their Super Stripes Week in March. I didn't realize I had so many striped items! I completely missed their Fruit spring challenge because I was hiding under a rock.

Monday's Challenge: Stripe and Floral Mix

I've wanted to pattern mix more but I keep falling back to matchy-matchy. Does this work?

I had to take upclose pictures because Desi was having too much fun with his new photography mad skills.

I'm also linking up to Many Layers Monday with Mimi at Aesthetic Lounge.

I don't think I'll end up participating in every day of this Summer Trends challenge, but I guarantee I'll post more this week than I have in the past two weeks combined! Maybe I'll even get around to checking out your blogs and commenting. Jen HaHA just may be back! (I did not just speak of myself in third person, did I?)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Late with the Layers

Mimi with Aesthetic Lounge started a feature called Many Layers Monday (see her button on my sidebar).

Dusty rose tank, BP. (Nordstrom) - Sheer black floral ruffle blouse, Romy - Coral ruffle jacket, Caslon (Nordstrom Rack) - Black skirt, Nine West (Nordstrom) - black zipper-bow ruffle flats, Report (Norfstrom Rack)

I wore this today so I could link up with Many Layers Monday. Yes, I know it's Tuesday but remember I run on (everyone together now) Filipino time. I wonder if "time" should be capitalized since it is a documented phenomena and quite possibly an official name. Happy Hour is capitalized. I suppose Filipino Time should be. I'm not saying they are one and the same. I'm not saying they're not.

The Desi. I'm quite sure I'm saying, "Whatever, who cares?" regarding whether or not any pictures would be worth posting. I'm also saying that because it's quite possible our neighbors across the street viewed our photo session.

The Desi in its truest form. Yes, his finger is in both pics.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fallback Girl

Petite Fashion Challenge #8 is here! Gracie with Radiator Sessions has graciously offered to host, and her challenge is "Spinning The Favorite."

Here is a snippet of the challenge requirements:
"Thus, the challenge will be to take a "go-to" outfit, put a spin on it by styling it in a different way but still keeping a couple of essential components."

To read more, visit her blog!

(Disclaimer: I wrote the following part of my post before I discovered that an Executive VP with my company has seen my blog. Why the disclaimer? You'll see!)

I was making this harder than need be because I couldn't think of my fallback outfit. Then I realized what I would wear everyday if I could--jeans! Well, I can wear them everyday to work but for the last year we've been on the same floor as many company "big wigs"* so I try to dress up more. The most I'll wear 'fashion denim' is twice per week.

I also fall back to my ankle boots when I wear jeans because I feel more secure in them, more balanced. So, that's what I changed up for this challenge.

I haven't worn these platform stilettos since the last time I featured them on this blog.

The Cool Dude pose

The Chill look (related to Cool Dude)

The Better View of Heel While Looking Indifferent pose

The Figure Four Don't Mess with the Sister of Three Former Junior/Senior High School Wrestlers pose

The Figure Four Flamingo

I don't know if I executed this challenge correctly, but I had fun anyway! I suppose my different expressions also changed up my look.

*Do you think higher ups mind being called "big wigs"? Perhaps they prefer "higher ups"? Or, maybe they just prefer being called by their names? I don't know if the same EVP will look at my blog again or even this post, but if he does perhaps he will let me know.

And now for "The Desi"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's Up, Pussy Cat?

I passed on this top when I saw it the first time. I had opted to get the love birds top that I wore a few weeks back and figured that I had satisfied my print of animals 'want'.

My little Augie chopped off my head

Then I saw this when we were at the Portland Nordstrom Rack. How could I pass up 50% off $24.97 and no sales tax?

The kitty cats are upside down. I thought cats always land on their feet? Maybe these ones have toast strapped to their backs, buttered side up? Get it? Anyone? Anyone? Purrfect!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Breaking Things

Notice anything missing behind me? Just look at pics from the post before last.

Our neighbors decided to take down the hedge separating their front yard from ours. Lovely. Would have been nice to know their plans.

The posts behind me just went up today. If they had communicated to us, maybe we would offer to put up the fence since my hubsters is putting up a whole new fence in back. He just hasn't gotten to their side yet. We'll probably still offer since they are older. Just would have been nice to have had advanced notice. I'm pretty sure the hedge was fully on our property. Whatev.

Now that I've got on my shades, I'm gonna rock out. (Dude, I look pregos but I'm not)

Return of "The Desi"

The Desi again

So glad Desi brought his air-filled guitar to the photo shoot. Sure beats air guitar.

Now I shall break things. Just like the poor broken hedge.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Greetings from the Rose City!

Or as my Portland ex-pat friends endearingly call it--PDX. I like to call it the Land of Ports.

I don't know why the railing and SW Hawthorne Bridge look curved because they're not. I didn't edit the picture.


Pink Coat, Weatherproof (Nordstrom Rack--usually looks more flattering) - Black karate pants, Express - Black/Gray shoes, Converse (Converse Outlet Store) - Pink "Juicy" handbag, souvenir from mom's PI trip last fall

We decided to take the train to Portland for the long weekend which also coincides with our wedding anniversary (14 years). We usually go somewhere in Washington (San Juan islands or the peninsula) or BC (Vancouver or Victoria), but this year it's south. The US$ to Canadian$ exchange rate is no longer in our favor, so the next best thing for a family of four is no sales tax.

Hope you're having a wonderful (long) weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bird's the Word

Cardi, Caslon (Nordstrom) - Tank, Romy (Romy) - Skirt, Kensie (some corner boutique in Victoria, BC) - Flats, Ecco (Nordstrom Rack)

Hi! How ya doin'? It's been a while since I last posted. Did you think I was a bird who had flown away? More like a chicken running around with its head chopped off. (Not a pretty sight; I've seen it literally) Still a bird, but a flightless one. Just clucking around in the usual busyness of a mother hen working as an egg counter and taking care of the roost. So, my posts have been a big fat goose egg. Wait, that's a different bird. And, one that can fly.

Welcome to my coop!

I think I can, I think I can

Angry Bird?

Enough of that jobber jabber. It's for the birds.