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Petite Fashion Challenge #8 is here! Gracie with Radiator Sessions has graciously offered to host, and her challenge is "Spinning The Favorite."

Here is a snippet of the challenge requirements:
"Thus, the challenge will be to take a "go-to" outfit, put a spin on it by styling it in a different way but still keeping a couple of essential components."

To read more, visit her blog!

(Disclaimer: I wrote the following part of my post before I discovered that an Executive VP with my company has seen my blog. Why the disclaimer? You'll see!)

I was making this harder than need be because I couldn't think of my fallback outfit. Then I realized what I would wear everyday if I could--jeans! Well, I can wear them everyday to work but for the last year we've been on the same floor as many company "big wigs"* so I try to dress up more. The most I'll wear 'fashion denim' is twice per week.

I also fall back to my ankle boots when I wear jeans because I feel more secure in them, more balanced. So, that's what I changed up for this challenge.

I haven't worn these platform stilettos since the last time I featured them on this blog.

The Cool Dude pose

The Chill look (related to Cool Dude)

The Better View of Heel While Looking Indifferent pose

The Figure Four Don't Mess with the Sister of Three Former Junior/Senior High School Wrestlers pose

The Figure Four Flamingo

I don't know if I executed this challenge correctly, but I had fun anyway! I suppose my different expressions also changed up my look.

*Do you think higher ups mind being called "big wigs"? Perhaps they prefer "higher ups"? Or, maybe they just prefer being called by their names? I don't know if the same EVP will look at my blog again or even this post, but if he does perhaps he will let me know.

And now for "The Desi"


  1. Oooo are you nervous about your bigwig coworkers knowing about the blog? That was one of my biggest concerns when I worked at my old job!

    I really like the jeans with brown! You should wear them more often than twice a week... if you could get away with it. I think you nailed the challenge :)

  2. I love your poses (and the outfit looks great)! FYI, the Figure 4 pose, if you put your leg behind your knee, it becomes the "sliding into home" pose for softball!

    Now, the question is, will you be able to do a Half Nelson pose at some point? ;D

  3. LOL Love your diff poses! Those pumps are cute!

  4. You win the cool blogger award for your awesome poses!!! Love the outfit, love the poses (and titles!)... Go girl! Oh, and my colleagues know about my blog. They're men and kinda get it... Kinda... :) xoxo kiki

  5. Love the heels and love all the poses! You are so cute!
    I dont think they mind being called "big wigs". I bet they waited their whole life to be called that.

    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. Those platform stilettos are hot! Love the color too.

    The sleeves on your top is awesome; I love flowy sleeves like that.

    Extra points for all the cool poses!

  7. I agree with Mimi, I don't think they care about being called "big wigs." Anyway, wish we could see more of the shoes!

  8. Oh...I like the Figure Four Flamingo pose...LOL.

  9. Heee your poses are hilarious :P Wow I would feel all wobbly in those too - I'm impressed at the one legged poses! And I'd be weirded out if the "higher ups" at my work read my blog - mostly b/c they are men LOL! I guess I don't care if they read it, but I don't think that I want to know!

  10. I love all your different poses! The Figure Four flamingo... gotta try that soon. :) I hope your boss finds the coolness in your blog. :)

  11. I call the big wigs at my company "management" haha. I don't think they mind because it sounds... respectful? haha.

    I've begun to wear heels with my jeans as well. I feel silly for not having tried that earlier!! Your poses are great, especially with the captions. Great job with this challenge!

  12. Your poses are so cute and you have names for them too! I always think of "Magnum" but I try not to get stuck with the same poses all the time. lol. A little change makes a huge difference, so don't apologize for your outfit. =)

  13. love the jeans and your boots!


  14. LOL your poses are awesome! I always love coming to your blog because it puts a smile on my face every time. :)

    Those heels look deadly! I keep trying to venture into platform stilettos.. but I'm so afraid to flop over and break my nose. ^.^; One day.. one day..

    Anyway, great take on the challenge! I think you executed it correctly. :)


  15. I love this outfit on you.. You look so mad!! kind of sexy but still mad!! LOL I also liked the figure four pose.

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