Monday, February 28, 2011

30 for 30 Day 28: Always Room for Dessert

I call this outfit Raspberry Caramel Truffle. At first I thought Neopolitan but I've been describing other bloggers' outfits as Neopolitan when they're wearing brown, pink, and cream. Plus, Trophy Boutique named her post that today. Of course there can be different brands of Neapolitan ice cream, but who picks up two different brands of the same flavor of ice cream on the same day? When I picked up four tubs of ice cream last week, I chose four different flavors. So, here's a scoop of Raspberry Caramel Truffle. (ooh, I wonder what Vanilla Ice Cream is wearing today?)

Oh yeah, another reason this outfit is a different flavor is because my skirt is tan, not cream. Did you notice that it's the first time I've worn this during the 30? I think it's because this was in my fall 30 and I chose so many other skirts and dresses which work well as skirts, so this one was allowing those to shine. Yeah, something like that.

"ClearLeaf"" TinyGoatStudios

Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 for 30 Days 25-26-27: Three for the Post of One!

Yeah, I didn't figure I'd get around to posting Saturday night after the wedding, so you get three outfits in one post! (Which means less words, but then again I did talk about the picture=1,000 words equation, so I guess this is way too many words) I usually would have worn heels with all three of these outfits, but I haven't been up to it lately.

Day 25 (Fri, 02/25)
Finally doing the belted scarf thing

And, switch sides.

Burgundy dress: The Loft - White cardi: Frenchi, Nordstrom - Scarf: ? - Belt: Romy, Flats: Report, Nordstrom Rack

Day 26 (Sat, 02/26)
Should have taken pics before
the wedding. I'm so pooped!

Polka dot dress and necklace: Gifted from Amber Lena - Black ruffle cardi: Sweet Romeo, Nordstrom Rack - Flats: AK Anne Klein iflex, Nordstrom Rack

Day 27 (Sun, 02/27)
Are we done yet?

I thought this pic came out too yellow,
but this is actually the correct color of the scarf
Green dress as skirt: Velvet Torch, Nordstrom - Black top: Gracie, Alhambra Warehouse - Scarf: ? - Belt: Romy - Flats: Report, Nordstrom Rack

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Shout Out: Let Me Tell You a Story

Today's Shout Out goes to TexaGermaNadian. She has started a Story Tellers Blog Hop which I love because the original intent of my blog was to write, specifically about fashion. Sure I've been featuring fashion/style/wardrobe a lot lately, but I've been lacking in copy and content. I know, I know, a picture says a thousand words so I'm covered, right? But the pictures say a thousand words about me. I want to say a thousand words about fashion. Sometimes my stories will be about something else--the "whatever" in my blog description--but if I've got a story, I'm that much closer to the purpose of my blog.

Come join us! I linked to my first post for the inaugural Story Tellers Blog Hop. I figured an introduction was a good way to start.

Got a Shout Out? Give 'em their props! (I still need to make a button for Saturday Shout Out)

(Outfits 25 & 26 will be in a separate post later today. Or tomorrow. I've got a wedding to go to people!)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fix-it Friday: Links and Things

What am I fixing this week?

In Monday's post I included a handwriting exercise and tagged three bloggers. I wrote down their names and blog titles, but I neglected to type out that info with links to their blogs so you can check out their awesome blogs. Here you go:

• Anne with WobiSobi
• Amber Lena with Fashion Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire (she also has a 'mom' blog Tao of Twins)
• Lexie with Ready in Five

Another fix: Here is Thursday's outfit (#24) in full

Headband: me, Lime green cardi: Artifacts? (forgot to check), Nordstrom Rack - Black top: Gracie, Alhambra Warehouse - Skirt: Romy - Green/black tights: DKNY, Nordstrom - Flat: Report, Nordstrom Rack - Maine Coon (cat): Moses the Junior Steamboat, Feline Friends (Olympia, WA off Steamboat Island Road exit)

(My Day 25 outfit will be on a separate post later today)
What did you fix this week? Link up (to your specific post)

Grab a button to your right!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 for 30 Day 24: Fashion Blog Flash Mob--Hairspray

While we gather our hair accessories and work up our sweet and/or cheesy smiles, enjoy these photos. I briefly wore my hair straight (courtesy of my hairstylist aka friend Tanya), but now it's back to curly. Or messy. Or nesty. Whatever you want to call it. I'll be back hopefully with minimal frizz.

Augie told me to make this expression not knowing that Anne with WobiSobi had done the same. I always listen to my stylist! I'll post my full outfit tomorrow because I was not taking off my coat! Not because it was snowing, but because my mom was with me and would have yelled at me. It doesn't matter that I'm 37!

Link up! No hair accessory? Stick your hand on your head and call it good!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

30 for 30 Day 23: Everybody's Dressing for the Weather

Today's outfit is brought to you by the number 32 (which is the reverse of today's outfit number!), and the letters S-N-O-W. Okay, impending snow. When snow threatens, we in the Puget Sound area panic. Buy snow tires! Buy space heaters! Buy logs! Stock up on food!

Okay, I wrote that this morning on the bus ride in. It's almost 6:30pm PST and I'm just now seeing baby flakes. I hope it doesn't pick up until I'm safely home.

I'm a goof, this I know
Top: eight*sixty, Nordstrom Rack - Scarf: Romy - Paperbag waisted pants: Michael Michael Kors, Nordstrom Rack - Flats: AK Anne Klein iflex, Nordstrom Rack

Jen-in-a-Cube. I'm in someone else's cube,
but still in a cube. And, I'm Jen.
Earrings: Fremont Fair - Citrine Ring and Green Crazy Lace Agate bracelet: Jewelscapes (Linking to her blog)

Don't forget, tomorrow is the Fashion Blog Flash Mob. Wear something in your hair/on your head: a barrette, hat, headband, bird . . . whatever! Our pose: A sweet or cheesy smile (but not a smile with cheese gushing out because that would be gross) Come link up!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 for 30 Day 22: Back to Life, Back to Reality

It's hard going back to work after a four-day weekend. Being able to spend more time with my boys than usual makes me want to be a stay-at-home mom again. Sure they drive me crazy some times, but I love being around them and watching them play. They are hilarious together! But wants and needs rarely coincide, so my wanting to be a SAHM is trumped by my needing to contribute to the family income.

My expression is because I opened the oven to make a silly pose then I realized that my husband was baking in the top one. He wasn't in the oven baking, sillies! He was baking dindin.

The Desi

Blue cowlneck top: Ella Moss, Nordstrom Rack - Black floral top: - Black skirt: Romy - Tights: Nordstrom? - Flats: Report, Nordstrom Rack

"Path of the comet" Tiny Goat Studios

My ears were being shy. Augie picked out my jewelry again.

Reminder: The Fashion Blog Flash Mob is on Thursday. Humor me. Link up!

Monday, February 21, 2011

30 for 30 Day 21: Curly Whirly

The straight hairstyle has come to an end this time around. My scalp was begging me to wash.

I felt a drop. I looked up and saw thicker than usual raindrops. They're talking snow.

Eh, not quite yet. Maybe Thursday. I'll believe it when I believe it.

This is pretty much like my outfit for Day 11. The difference is that I wore my cream cropped 3/4-sleeve cardi from H&M and just had the bow from my green top peek out. Well, and the bottom part of the green top peeked out as well since the cardi is cropped.

Here's a fun exercise! I saw this on Joelle's post on Where We Love is Home.

It's pretty simple. Just fill out your information--with your handwriting! I've already given you a sneak peek of my different styles of handwriting in my new temporary header.

1. Name/Blog Title
2. Blog URL

3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. 

I interchange my 'Z's. I had to do a print one ad well and a full version of my cursive one.

4. Favorite quote?

5. Favorite song?

6. Favorite band/artist?

7. Anything else?

8. Tag three awesome bloggers

Sunday, February 20, 2011

30 for 30 Day 20: Flippity Floppity

Busy, busy day today! Short post. This is the flip-flop of Thursday's outfit which was featured on Friday as well so you could see the outfit sans big fluffy scarf.

My stylist aka Augie putting the finishing touch on my outfit. It's a root beer Dum-Dum Pop wrapper.

The wrapper fell out so I had to call him back

That faraway look again. Hands in my 'pockets'.

I can get used to the sunshine again, but I'll have to remember my sunglasses.

The Desi

Dress as top: Halogen, Nordstrom - Top as skirt: Tart, Nordstrom Rack - Belt: Nordstrom - Boots: Chinese Laundry, Nordstrom Rack

Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 for 30 Day 19: Saturday Shout Out Hodge Podge

First, outfit 18
Don't I look like I have
on major eyeliner?

The Augie

White button-up cardi: Frenchi, Nordstrom - Black open-front cardi: Sweet Romeo, Nordstrom Rack Belt with Bow: Romy - Skirt: Romy - Crazy tights: Nordstrom? - Flat: Report, Nordstrom Rack

Outfit 19
'Twas sunny but with a ridiculous
wind chill factor. I wasn't trying to be
all Seahawks or Sounders FC fan looking.
Just need to wash lots of my 30.

That far away look

Green dress: Velvet Torch, Nordstrom - Cowlneck top: Ella Moss, Nordstrom Rack - Flats: AK Anne Klein iflex, Nordstrom Rack

This Saturday's Shout Outs:
• To my hairstylist, aka friend Tanya, for always flat-ironing my hair after she cuts it. It's the tell-take sign that I've gotten my haircut because I'm much to lazy to do it myself. Plus, I no longer have a flat iron.

• To Anne with WobiSobi for the awesome commissioned artwork for my header and future button. What you see isn't the finished product!

• To the Kidgits program at the mall. I signed up my boys for $5/year and they got free t-shirts! They also got to spin a prize wheel and will get to upon showing their membership card every time they visit the mall. Plus, there are monthly events!

Got a shout out? Link up!

Friday, February 18, 2011

30 for 30 Day 18: Fix-it Friday--Mallot Time!

There's a while lotta fixin' goin' on! First, I shall explain Fix-It Friday for new readers (how cute, I assume I have readers), and how I'm slightly changing it.

I started this for myself because I'm always forgetting things in posts: pictures, listing my outfit details, thoughts I wanted to share, etc. Instead of going back to my posts after people have already started reading them, I'm doing an addendum of sorts on Fridays, linking back to the original post as I go along. Because really, how many of you re-read my posts after you've already read them, on the off-chance that I changed something? It makes sense to add things in a more recent post.

So what am I changing about this feature? I'm adding a Linky in case you've made updates to posts after the fact. Maybe you made them just for your own peace of mind of knowing you corrected 'their' because you wanted the contraction for "they are." Now you can share your changes if you'd like. If so, link up to that post. You can also grab my Fix-It Friday button or wait until later because I need to add the title to it.


Now for my fixes:
• I have a new header! I'm still gonna tweak it. Hemming and Hawing about it. I actually love the artwork, but the artiste is going to outdo herself. I am going to rewrite the title because I rushed it.

• I'm going to create a general button for my blog

• I still need to clean up my sidebar with navigation panes I believe they are called

• I forgot outfit itemization on Weds and Thurs.
Weds: All Nordstrom Rack
Thurs: All Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Actually here is Thursday's outfits sans scarf

The Augie

I'll post today's outfit tomorrow. You'll get a double-dose!