30 for 30 Day 18: Fix-it Friday--Mallot Time!

There's a while lotta fixin' goin' on! First, I shall explain Fix-It Friday for new readers (how cute, I assume I have readers), and how I'm slightly changing it.

I started this for myself because I'm always forgetting things in posts: pictures, listing my outfit details, thoughts I wanted to share, etc. Instead of going back to my posts after people have already started reading them, I'm doing an addendum of sorts on Fridays, linking back to the original post as I go along. Because really, how many of you re-read my posts after you've already read them, on the off-chance that I changed something? It makes sense to add things in a more recent post.

So what am I changing about this feature? I'm adding a Linky in case you've made updates to posts after the fact. Maybe you made them just for your own peace of mind of knowing you corrected 'their' because you wanted the contraction for "they are." Now you can share your changes if you'd like. If so, link up to that post. You can also grab my Fix-It Friday button or wait until later because I need to add the title to it.


Now for my fixes:
• I have a new header! I'm still gonna tweak it. Hemming and Hawing about it. I actually love the artwork, but the artiste is going to outdo herself. I am going to rewrite the title because I rushed it.

• I'm going to create a general button for my blog

• I still need to clean up my sidebar with navigation panes I believe they are called

• I forgot outfit itemization on Weds and Thurs.
Weds: All Nordstrom Rack
Thurs: All Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Actually here is Thursday's outfits sans scarf

The Augie

I'll post today's outfit tomorrow. You'll get a double-dose!


  1. I think the new header is super cute!

  2. Haha you are so cute! OF COARSE you have readers!! Love the button you made, very cool. I also noticed the header and think its awesome. The drawing wobi sobi did is fantastic!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Your header is totally getting cut off! You should either resize it to the proper size, or when you upload it, select the checkbox that says "shrink to fit" :)

    PS. I had a dream that we were on the same bus yesterday. Is that creepy? I hope not.

  4. The new blog design is coming along.. clean and simple.. its great. I dont even see a blog header right now.. maybe you are working on it???

    xoxo J

  5. You make me miss Nordstrom Rack right about now :) Looking cute, and looking forward to your blog hop today. I hope you come join mine too, you would be perfect for it!


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