30 for 30 Day 9: Cowl Cowl

 I wasn't sure about this outfit--the color or the double cowl. (Cowel means "hug or embrace" in my mom's dialect)

Wave "Hi!"

Wave "Hi!" with more of an action shot (see blurry hand)

Just chillin' while my computer is thinking

Wave again. Why so much waving? Because
my hubby calls this ring "The Wave"

Okay, he meant like a water wave, but one
of my family names means "Water," so that counts, right?
Jen-in-a-Cube. Augie picked these earrings.
He thought they were bracelets. I almost
overrode the decision because they're not
quite the same blue. Who am I to question
the 6-year-old who is teaching me not the
be so matchy-matchy?

  • Having a big family is awesome!
  • Seeing a generation die away sucks
  • I literally saw my maternal grandma take her last breaths almost three years ago
  • TMI?
  • Last Friday my brother sent me a text saying that our late grandpa's younger brother passed away. I called my mom to tell her that she hadn't called me (to let me know). How insensitive was I? Her uncle just died. She told me that it was like her mind was blank. She had forgotten to tell some of her siblings.
  • Grandpa D (for nickname, real name started with "F") lived in the Philippines so we won't be attending the funeral. I didn't know him well, but I still got teary-eyed. I got to meet him each time we visited the PI.
  • My mom, brother, and aunt got to see him when they visited the PI in October
  • His identical twin brother lives in Northern Cal and I've been saying for years that we should take a road trip down to visit. Perhaps I should put my thoughts/works into action
  • My mom and dad got to see the twins two Decembers ago when she visited the PI
  • My mom has one aunt and one uncle left on grandpa's side, two aunts and one uncle on grandma's side. The oldest is 92. There is longevity in my family.
  • I have hope (in many ways)
  • I debated typing all of that. I don't want a pity party. It's just been on my mind. Lots of talk about twins lately by people who didn't know about this.


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  2. I am so sorry to hear that! Loss of love ones always send people in a disarray!

    Hmmn... I'm just going to take a wild venture here.. are you Flip?




  3. Thank you for your comment! Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

    xo L

  4. im sorry about your grandpas brother:(

  5. Aw, I think about that sort of thing too....I try to tell myself that with every end of one generation comes the birth of a new...but i still grieve.

    Switching gears COMPLETELY:
    my shoes are Joan & David I went to add that to my blog post with a link of where to buy them, when I stopped in my tracks after seeing that they are on sale online!!! It upset me so much so I'm gonna try to find some time today to take them back to Bloomies and ask for the online price. I hope they honor it! Wish me luck!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. That bright blue is awesome on you and I love those tights. I think the double cowl works.

    I'm glad you feel free to share random thoughts. Heaven knows I've done it enough, not for pity but just for support. And you have that from us! :)

  7. Hi Cutie Pie! The blue sweater is so yummy! I love the color. And those tights are awesome! I need me a pair, for sure.

    I think random thoughts are good. So sorry to hear of your loss.


  8. I love the double cowl! I think if I would just HEARD about it without the pics, I would've thought "nah" but actually styled, it looks great!

    Sorry for your loss, and don't ever worry about sharing TMI with us :) It is hard to see the next generation pass, very hard.

  9. Love that shade of blue. Tell Augie he makes good accessory choices, I like them.
    Seeing a generation pass away is so difficult.

  10. ok How did I miss this outfit, I think I have a new color that i love on you.. Blue love this shirt!!!and those boots


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