30 for 30 Day 15: 15 Down or 15 To Go?

Do you see the challenge as halfway complete or still halfway to go (emphasized with a whiny voice)? Glass half-empty or half-full? One thing's for sure: I'm half here and fully crazy.

Yes, I am sucking in. This is not the wine bubble dress I wore on Sunday. This is my burgundy dress that reminds me of the 40s. I understand the confusion since burgundy is a type of wine.

Dress as top: The Loft - Skirt: Romy - Tights: Nordstrom (Rack?) - Flats: Report, Nordstrom Rack

The first or second ring my hubby wrapped. Through trial-and-error he has discovered techniques and designs that he likes better and are more his (and my) style. Stay tuned for a giveaway announcement!

Speaking of giveaways, here's one that ends tomorrow. Don't delay your entry!

Take it From Me Giveaway

Reminder for this week's Fashion Blog Flash Mob: Assuming Linky Tools works, let's link up! The accessory for our wardrobe? A scarf! The pose for our close up? Hugging ourselves like we're shivering. For those of us who take self-portraits without a remote, a half-hug will do! Can we beat our record of four performers (including me)?


  1. I just bought a new scarf, so I'll try to join in! Love the ring you made and you are funny. U made me laugh with the whole "fully crazy" comment. That makes 2 of us!!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. *correction, I love the ring your hubby made!

  3. I love that burgundy shade on you! That dress is so very flattering.

  4. you look so pretty, I adore your hair! And that giant ring is just beautiful :D

  5. Glass half full for sure!! I'm only Day 8 so I'm looking forward to being half done =]

  6. I want my engagement ring to be that huge! =)

    That's not overly demanding now is it?

    Ah, you've got the most beautiful hair!



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  7. Oooooh, lovelovelove the proportions of this outfit! So feminine and curvalicious, and that GIANT ring is just like candy. This is perfect.


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