30 for 30 Day 7: Green Machine

Something about this expression reminds me of Augie

No, that's not a reference to the Green Bay Packers winning the "Big Game" (can I say the official name since I'm not an official sponsor?) It's in reference to my very green outfit. It's my fave color and all, but I think I may have chosen too many green pieces for my 30. For the Fall 30 for 30, I chose lots of turquoise.

Top: eight*sixty, Nordstrom Rack - Skirt: Romy - Net tights: DKNY, Nordstrom? - Flats: AK Anne Klein iflex, Nordstrom Rack

Yay for the FAQ regarding tanks and camis! I wear one or the other almost every day, so for the fall challenge I included three tanks so as not to give a peep show (this is not that kind of blog). Since they were going to be part of my 30, I picked ones with more of a design. This time I didn't because I will wear them as accessories that are in the background like quiet observers.

Jen-in-a-Cube. Braided headband as choker: me. 

"Aqua Eye": chefyoshi. Augie picked this ring today.

Here were the other contenders
Come back tomorrow for the ol' switcharoo!

Now for three positive things about myself. I am linking to Hope and the Dress Code

1. I am brutally honest. I will take ten minutes to explain the background of a situation when you really just needed to know that I forgot that I agreed that I'd try to do this feature and I'm adding it now last minute.

2. I still check on my boys in the middle of the night

3. I try to call my mom every week (but I used to call everyday :( ) Leaving work to meet up with her right now.

Bon soir, mes amis!


  1. Hey fellow remixer- you look great in green! Fabulous jewelry as well! I am very honest as well (and guilty) which can be a curse!

  2. You look wonderful in green, so I don't mind that you picked a lot of it! The drape of the top is really nice and I love the skirt!

    Haha-the "this is not that kind of blog" cracked me up!

    Um, you always have the coolest jewelry. It makes my jewelry feel lame.

    Lindsey Soup

  3. I think green is one of your top colour! Brutally honest is great! Though now, I'm afraid of what you're going to sayt to me!


    20 York Street

  4. are you look beautiful in green - and that's so sweet you call your mom every night :)

  5. Loving that green. (Me green with envy, perhaps?) And every time you write something it's a little bit funny! I'm still giggling in fact. But also lovely your accessories. Oh, and now I'm officially stalking you. xx

  6. You look great in green! One of my favorite colors for you!

  7. Love that skirt Jen!!! and Green is a great color on you. You Look so Pretty!!!

  8. Thats a cute reference to the Green Bay Packers...I could care less who won, but I hear they did! Anyway I'm sure you made any packers fans happy with that outfit. Very cute....xo hope you had fun with your mom!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  9. AW yeah, green machine! Way to spring up a dull drab winter. Love the color and drapiness of that blouse :)

  10. ohh loving the green ensemble on you :D and again, the accessories are prettyy!

  11. Girl! I'm calling you out on your 3 positive things - those are facts, not affirmations. I respectfully demand that you re-do them. :-)

    (Notice that I haven't done them yet....)

    Amber Lena Fashion Bargainista.com
    outfits for sale from $10!

  12. I am going to echo everyone else: you look fab in green! :) I love #1, I think honesty is so important :) Thanks for participating and I'm excited to get to know more about you!!

  13. I just saw your comment on Marie's post where you said you thought your Fabulous in February was wrong - you did a great job! You just have to be positive about who and what you are, so there's not really a way to do it wrong. :)

    I'm so glad you're participating in it, I can't wait to read more things about you each Monday!


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