30 for 30 Day 12: Catching Up and Saturday Shout Out

First catch up: My full outfit 11 pics

Still fixing those hanger straps. I should just cut them off.
Top: eyeshadow, Nordstrom Rack - Pants: Michael by Michael Kors, Nordstrom Rack - Flats: AK Anne Klein iflex, Nordstrom Rack

Augie picked out earrings and a ring for me today but I forgot them on the kitchen counter. Sure I could have put them on since these pics were taken later in the day, but I want to be true to my outfit from the majority of the day. I'm so silly.

The Augie

Second catch up: I had to work today to make up for calling out yesterday (long story). I still dressed from my 30. I just didn't have a photographer to capture my full outfit. I do now but I'm not ready to pose for the camera. So, here are self-taken outfit 12 teasers.

Jen-in-a-Cube (on a Saturday again). I only wear glasses for the computer screen and apparently forgot to put them back on.

Trying to make more of a cowl of my backwards cardi

Today's Saturday Shout out goes to all y'all! Thank you very much for your kind and generous comments, especially about the accessories I've been wearing. I've been wearing prototypes and have acted as quality control for "chefyoshi" rings. Once we feel they are ready to share with the world (or at least a couple of people), we'll do just that! Stay tuned for my first of giveaway!


  1. Ooo Love that ring.. Sorry you had to work on a Saturday!!:(

  2. I had to work Saturday, too! Yuck! At least you looked amazing while doing it!! : )

  3. Hi there! I love the name of your blog too cute. Sorry you had to work on Saturday, but hopefully your cute outfit from Nordstrom's made up for it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am really glad you did!

  4. I like the purple touches. Working on Saturday is no bueno and I agree with Megan you looked good.

    Write it in Lipstick

  5. Thanks so much for participating in my Simple Sundays blog hop! Following you as well. Great blog!


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