30 for 30 Day 21: Curly Whirly

The straight hairstyle has come to an end this time around. My scalp was begging me to wash.

I felt a drop. I looked up and saw thicker than usual raindrops. They're talking snow.

Eh, not quite yet. Maybe Thursday. I'll believe it when I believe it.

This is pretty much like my outfit for Day 11. The difference is that I wore my cream cropped 3/4-sleeve cardi from H&M and just had the bow from my green top peek out. Well, and the bottom part of the green top peeked out as well since the cardi is cropped.

Here's a fun exercise! I saw this on Joelle's post on Where We Love is Home.

It's pretty simple. Just fill out your information--with your handwriting! I've already given you a sneak peek of my different styles of handwriting in my new temporary header.

1. Name/Blog Title
2. Blog URL

3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. 

I interchange my 'Z's. I had to do a print one ad well and a full version of my cursive one.

4. Favorite quote?

5. Favorite song?

6. Favorite band/artist?

7. Anything else?

8. Tag three awesome bloggers


  1. Wait. This means I have to use a writing utensil?? LOL

    Girl, you have 57 followers! Rock on!

    Amber Lena Fashion Bargainista.com
    outfits FOR SALE from $10!

  2. WOW This is cool! I will work on that tonight!!

  3. lovin' your hair here! <3
    anyway, i write in all caps 85% of the time..got it when i studied engineering and letters with numbers look clearer in all caps..

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. No snow! No snow! No snow! I hope if I keep chanting that it won't really happen.

    I like the top peeking out. It makes it look like a different blouse.


  5. You have such pretty handwriting!

    I really love the curly hair, I wish mine had more curl to it. I love that green bow layered under the white sweater! You look cute!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. Your hair is beautiful curly! What do you do to it? I recently learned not to brush my hair after showers when I want it curly... that works well for me :)

    I love your handwriting!

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  7. you have lovely curly hair!

    thanks for commenting.. ive heard a lot about Khiels eye product.. may check that out in the US :D

  8. i love the curly hair and you have such beautiful handwriting!!

    cute and little
    come check out the color brigade!


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