30 for 30 Day 24: Fashion Blog Flash Mob--Hairspray

While we gather our hair accessories and work up our sweet and/or cheesy smiles, enjoy these photos. I briefly wore my hair straight (courtesy of my hairstylist aka friend Tanya), but now it's back to curly. Or messy. Or nesty. Whatever you want to call it. I'll be back hopefully with minimal frizz.

Augie told me to make this expression not knowing that Anne with WobiSobi had done the same. I always listen to my stylist! I'll post my full outfit tomorrow because I was not taking off my coat! Not because it was snowing, but because my mom was with me and would have yelled at me. It doesn't matter that I'm 37!

Link up! No hair accessory? Stick your hand on your head and call it good!


  1. I like the nesty hair! I took some shots yesterday with my hair curly and promise to post them soon. It's more wavy than anything else... just frizzy on the ends. Kinda like the triangle hair girl from Dilbert. :(

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now your newest follower! :)


  3. the first outfit is my fav! Like that you put a belt on!

  4. So Funny That we made the same face!!!

  5. I love the second outfit, the skirt is so pretty!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. i love your top with a bow on it (3rd photo) :D


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