30 for 30 Day 10: Bits and Pieces

Just when you thought my picture quality couldn't get any worse, it has. I missed my opportunity for photographers this morning before school and at work before everyone left for the day. Twas one of those all out of sorts days. So, my pics are all out of sorts.

Jen-in-a-Restroom. Yeah, that's not getting its own label.

Blouse: Semantiks, Nordstrom Rack - Dress as skirt: The Loft - Belt: Romy - Burgundy tights and net tights: Quite possibly Nordstrom - Heels: Alfani, Macy's

Jen-in-a-Cube. Earrings: The Shag Bag. Mother-of-Pearl necklace: Jewelscapes

I asked Augie if I should wear the tie from my dress or this belt. He chose this belt.

And now the mystery is solved! My dress is burgundy. It's the one I wore here.

I was playing around and made this. I call this "Cluster of Grapes," cousin of "Grape Seeds." Does it look like a butterfly?

Better upside-down?

Since you couldn't see my necklace very well in "Jen-in-a-Cube" or my heels in "Jen-in-a-Restroom" (that is not becoming a label!).

Reminder: Tomorrow is the next Fashion Blog Flash Mob! See "Casting Call" above The Fashion Blog Flash Mob buttons.


  1. HEHE you are so funny.. Love this you look beautiful!!

  2. haha i think it will become a label LOL! :)) and nice shoes! and silk(?) top :)

  3. Love the belt and your shoes,oh,your shoes! Love them even more :) Just been laughing at the comment you put on my blog, ha, ha!! Have a good weekend xx

  4. Woo! Those heels are hot hot hot!

  5. Oh man, those HEELS. *swoon* Thanks for stopping by mah blog :) Loving your remixes!

  6. I adore this outfit! That skirt is gorgeous, the heels are killer and the tights are fabulous!!! You look great!


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