Winner, Beginner, and Slimmer?

Killing my feet for killer shoes
 I won my first blog contest! Candid Classic held a contest for a $25 CSN gift certificate and I won! I will share what I purchase when it arrives. Check out their site because they have this, that, and the other thing. Check out Candid Classic as well!
Augie taking pic from the comfort of
his booster seat. See the van door?

Today A Taste of T started a new Thursday feature called "Thought Bubble Thursday." Come join, it's fun!

This is a dress that until today I thought was just so-so. I've even thought of donating it. As I studied it more, I realized that the sleeves and skirt give it a little '40s touch. I love that era of style! When I wear it people ask if I've lost weight. I haven't, but I guess the style and placement of the ribbon is deceiving and slimming? I'm not trying to deceive you, my dress is. Bad dress! No, good dress!

Tomorrow: Seven More Random Things and More


  1. Congratulations on winning the contest. Lucky you! Your dress us a keeper. And I love the color on you:)

  2. Awww Jen. Your outfit is so cute. I know what you mean, I totally killed my feet this week when my wedges cut into the back of my feet! I definitely think that dress is a great basic cut you can always come back to! Little purple dress.

    Congrats for winning the contest!

  3. Good Dress, Very versatile, It will be a great transition dress into spring. Great color, and... you look good in everything you wear. Two thumbs up from me.

  4. Hey Jen!! Happy Friday (I know, I am posting this on the Thursday post!!)

    I love that beautiful color on you.. gorgeous.. it totally suits your skin tone and hair color and the cut is really nice...I would love a dress like that.. meaning that's MY kinda dress!!!

    have an awesome weekend whatever you do!! I am helping some friends move into their new house. I consider it cross training (get stronger!! ) LOL
    xox J

  5. wow!! congrat for winning that contest..
    you're so lucky!!
    love the color of your dress

    I'm your new follower,
    come and visit my site..
    feel free if you wanna follow me back :)


    In Love&Light
    Queen D

  6. Ahhh the things we do for fashion, right? CUTE SHOES JEN!

  7. That dress is slimming. Love the brick wall pictures! The van thing is too funny!

  8. congratulations on winning a give-away!
    purple dress looks good on you. pretty color too. thank you for your comment. i'm such a mom too. my coworkers used to call me "momma maya" and that was before i even had kids. lol.
    thank you so much for your award. i'll email you later. sorry i had not gotten to it yet.

  9. You look great in that dress. And good girl for showing off the shoes, even if they do hurt your feet. I linkey-ed my FBFM post. Can't wait for next week flash mob!

  10. congrats on winning that contest! :) the dress did make you look slimmer.. don't we all just love deceiving dresses? ;)

    <3 hazel

  11. Yep, the cut is slimming. Something about the v-neck and that color looks amazing on you. Plum, girl, do it.

  12. I actually really like that dress on you! It's a great color and definitely has a 40s twist. Love it! And those shoes? AMAZING! What a great way to spend your giveaway win!

  13. Noooo, don't give the dress away! Really suits ya.


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