I'm a Grown Girl

I joined Project ReStyle created by Rachel from Smile and Wave and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. I didn't join because I'm so handy, crafty, or can sew. In fact, I joined because quite the opposite is true. When everyone else was taking Home Ec, I was plucking away at strings. I'm hoping this will make me become more of a DIYer, repurposer, creative person, whatever.

I'm taking baby steps because I'm a novice. My first project will be this skirt from Anthropologie.

I bought this in 2002 after I had my first son. I had lost my pregnancy weight plus an additional 12 pounds because of a diet I was (forced) on. I was able to fit a size 4 again! Then I didn't need to be on that diet, so I ate because I like food and gained back the 12 pounds. Now I'm an additional 12 pounds from then (can I still call it baby weight when my baby is six?). I've kept this skirt in case I lose weight, but the weight isn't like keys--or my mind. I'm not going to lose it at this rate of eating and not exercising. So, instead of waiting until I can fit this skirt, I'm going to make it fit me.

I'm going to remove the seams from the side that doesn't have the zipper. You'd think I'd remove both sides but I'm big on asymmetry. Haven't you figured out that I'm off-center? I have ideas of what to do. I may check out remnants at the fabric store, or I might see what I have around the house. I'm good at being green by handing down my boys' clothes, but sometimes they wear out their clothes to unhand-me-downableness so maybe I'll find something good. Such a Mama's boy.

This project may take me a while because this is my crazy busy month at work with overtime including late nights and Saturdays. Blecch. I hope to have it done by month's end.

Tomorrow: Dance, Monkey, Dance


  1. I can barely cut with scissors so...you are way ahead of me! Cool project. Good luck, it's a great skirt!


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