Five-Foot-Two (with Heels) and I'm Giggly, Wiggly

I've featured my new heels a few times and despite the fact that they kill my feet and are not conducive to running for the bus, I <3 them!

I thought I'd share a few things that I do when wearing heels that you may do as well, but others (especially of the male type) don't realize are part of the process.

• Walking around grates. It's not that women do this because they're afraid they'll fall in. It only took one instance of getting a stiletto stuck in a grate for me to start walking around them, even if it means hugging a wall.

• This is a textured strip in the bus tunnel. When I'm wearing heels, I often walk down this strip model style (foot in front of foot) so I don't slip. The rest of the floors are smooth which can translate to slippery. Although, I'm pretty sure there's a good layer of dirt that creates a nice buffer.

• I may wear flip-flops with a dressy or professional outfit while I'm commuting to work because again, heels are not easy to run in when you're 37 (speaking for myself not anyone else my age). I'll switch to my heels in the elevator or lobby.

How high are your tallest heels?

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  1. loving the heels! haha i do the same thing with the grates. I think my highest are... 6 inches?? maybe?

  2. I don't really wear super-high heels. I'd say that my highest pair is around 3 1/2".

  3. My tallest heels are 5.5" (with platform). I do many of those things, except the flip-flops. If I know I'll be walking, I'll opt for a more walkable shoe. Those are some gorgeous heels. Nothing better than a metallic shoe.

  4. Beautiful heels,I can see why you love them dear!And thanks for these advices,I will surely keep them in mind!

  5. my highest are about 5 inches, heels are kinda addicting (for me), when i find a sky high comfy pair, it makes me wanna find something higher and higher and higher...hehe...cause im only 5'1"...

  6. These are so cute!
    I have an obsession with heels... I have 3 pairs that are 4 inches or higher. Even though I'm 5ft 7in, I wear petite sizes in pants (all my length is in my torso!), so I love getting a little length from my shoes :)

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!!

  7. my tallest heels are 13 cm !
    i like yours (: thanx for ur comment (:
    thanx for your amazing comment btw

  8. Heel height with or without platforms? Cause I certainly rock some stacked madness now and again as I rocked that flannel in my Sonic Youth.

    Stop by any time.
    You're funny.

  9. I love those heels! I had a pair of flats that were the same print but in dark teal. I think my tallest heels are 4-5 inches, but i've only worn them once and probably never again b/c they were SO PAINFUL after a few hours!

  10. Oh, those heels are fab!! And haha, I'm dying just imagining you walking along that textured strip! But then again, I'd be doing the exact same thing.


  11. ooh girl, those are cute! I'm a klutz in heels so I try to stick with wedges but I think my highest would be 4", any taller and I'm taller than my boyfriend!


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