What Season is This?

First of all, I meant to mention the Jewelscapes giveaway yesterday when I spoke about linking to her blog. Check it out!

Yesterday I was dressed for spring, today I am dressed for fall. Should I wear a tank and shorts tomorrow? No way! Although I like the look of tweed shorts with cableknit tights . . . on other people.

I don't like posing for pictures, especially not in the aisleway at work. So I bent sideways to close the cabinet doors and my co-worker snapped the picture.

My hubby's belt

Tomorrow: Self-defense Versus Self-control


  1. Jen you crack me up so much. JENINACUBE. Love it.

    And I think this is a season-appropriate outfit! Red is very winter to me. Oh wait, is it like a dark orange color? My monitor's weird. Whatever it is I LIKE IT. ;)

  2. Oh you look lovely - and god I've been having the same thing, it's summer here but I'm constantly dressing for other seasons

  3. Haha, you're so cute! that color looks fantastic on you! seriously!


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