I am a Robot

I got these fun robot cuff links from Vividot when I got my four monkeys hair barrette. They're for hubby but the boys want them. I don't think I've seen any French cuff boys' dress shirts. Maybe I should go to France and shop around for them. Then I can practice my French. Oui? Bonne idée?

Do you suppose in France they just call them cuff shirts? Kinda like how in China Chinese food is just called food? Or in the Philippines Manila clams are just clams. Or is that just in Manila? In provinces like Pampanga and Cavite (shout out to my relatives in the PI) are they still Manila clams? Maybe Manila clams even in Manila.

Do these remind you of buttons? Speaking of buttons, tomorrow's the day! I hope you'll come back for the reveal of what I came up with last weekend and first mentioned on Thursday. Pretty please :oD

Tomorrow: Some Fine Accessories for You


  1. LOVE robots! Almost as much as monkeys!!

    They do totally remind me of buttons. Okay I'll come back tomorrow :)

  2. These are so fun!
    Thanks for stopping by my page :)


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