Four Little Monkeys

30-for-30 Challenge Reflection: Accessories can change up an outfit nicely. I have lots of clothes, I can use more accessories (and heels *smile*)

This is my first post-30 purchase! Many went out
and bought clothes, but I'm taking baby steps and
am buying
accessories. Okay, this doesn't change
up my outfit much, but it sure is fun!

Why this design from Vividot's selection of hair barrettes? Monkeys, duh! Look, it's my desk sign from work that is well-worn from a few years of use.

When Desi was around two, he pronounced my brother Michael's name "Monkey" so he is Uncle Monkey. He refers to my boys as "The Monkeys" which of course makes him a monkeys' uncle. Really, we're a family of monkeys! No wonder I'm so drawn to Hello, Monkeyface!

Tomorrow: A New Wednesday Feature?


  1. I really need to try the 30 for 30 challenge! I'm too nervous to - hehe! ;)

  2. i agree that accessories make such a huge difference. i definitely need to trade out clothes for accessories too! the monkey clip is so cute!!

  3. Thats so cute! Kids come up with the best names!

  4. It looks so great in your beautiful hair! Thanks again for your order :) xox


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