What Day is This?

I do know what day it is. It's Friday! Well, it's my second Friday. I'm currently on the bus to work on a Saturday morning (although by the time I've finished writing this and am ready to post, I will probably be on break at work or on the bus ride back to the P&R). Or asleep.

I thought I'd share my outfit from REAL Friday since today I dressed as grubbily as possible. We can wear jeans everyday at work if we want, so I had to do something to make today extra non-dressed up. Plus, I had crazy colors going on yesterday. I actually didn't dress according to my earrings. When I was looking at the mirror (and suddenly developed a craving for Gobstoppers), I realized that I had earrings to match. Augie was in the process of picking out a pair and I kind of swayed his decision. I probably shouldn't have because he may have picked something not so matchy-matchy.

My third Saturday of work this month. What keeps me going? The coffee running through my veins and the check avec OT as I pass the finish line and collapse. Money isn't everything, but knowing I can take my little family on a long weekend somewhere is worth a lot.

Don't forget, this Thursday is Fashion Blog Flash Mob--Umbrellas! As I mentioned Sunday, I'll probably have glitches to fix and squeaks to tweak on the FBFM. One thing I've decided to do is extend the 'Casting Call.' Instead of making the call the day before the performance, I'm announcing it the day of the current performance. That way aspiring performers can have time to practice and audition. (I'm such a dork) I hope you join or at least view the performance.

Tomorrow: Kick up Your Heels


  1. Being able to take your family on a little vacation is definitely worth a lot!

  2. I clearly need way more color in my wardrobe

  3. Um, love. I like that instead of just a plain cami and t, you chose pieces that are bold but still have their own unique detailing!

    Lindsey Soup

  4. heey thank you for your lovely comment dear :)
    your blog is great !! love it..


  5. Wow, you've been working a ton! Hope you are getting some rest now! I'll definitely be at least viewing the Fashion mob. Sounds interesting...

    Also, props to you for wearing messenger bags before they came back in. I am planning on using them forever now, bc they are so practical...plus I think they are adorable:)

  6. ha ha I just freaked out because I thought "Is it Friday? Oh shit!"

    Because I work every day sometimes too, it gets confusing!

    Love the dotty socks.

  7. Love the socks! Yay for a family weekend. yuck for long hours and Saturday working.

  8. I really like red and turquoise you combined together with accessories and all. Thanks for asking about me. I'm much better. My mouth is still soar and there is still some bleeding... (sorry, too much info) but much better. As to my major pain (facial nerves) I'd like to give it more time. I'm not sure myself since I'm still sore from the surgery.
    To answer your question about my kitchen walls... it was years ago, when I was still working so we decided to hire a painter. He first used light butter/cream color base. Then the color you see (terracotta?) which he actually applied with smashed newspaper. Kind of like sponging but with a newspaper wrinkled in a ball. At least that's what I think he did but he got it exactly the way I wanted.


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