Ruffles and Ruffled Feathers

Today has been a Monday kind of Monday. Long hours at work again. Drama that I'm saving for my mama. Or is it from my mama? My pics are dark, but I don't care.

I don't wear this top much to work anymore because it's pretty casual and I'm trying to dress up more for work (so why did I wear jeans?). I thought if I belted it, it might dress it up a little?

Top: Old Navy - Belt: Romy - Jeans: Loft


I put my hair up after I saw what it looked like in the first round of pictures. I went out in the rain without an umbrella and without having sprayed my fabulous Kiehl's Weatherproof spray stuff. I came back with a puff of hair. Now it's a puff in a ball. Puffball.
And, now I'm outtie. >>Poof!<<

What was your favorite part of Monday? Mine will be 11:59:59. Or 23:59:59 if you so desire.

Tomorrow: Double-duty Again


  1. Today was such a Monday! My favorite part of the day was when I got not one - but two of my curlers stuck in my hair so bad I had to literally rip them out... Good times.

    Amber Lena (fashion outfits from $10!)

  2. This is me being insanely jealous of your earrings.

    Lindsey Soup

  3. I love the belt with this. who says you can't look amazing and dressed up in a jeans. You have accomplished that quite nicely.

  4. mondays are always the hardest days of the 9-5 week:( atleast you look cute while miserable though!!;)

  5. I like the belt with it! Really nice! Adds to the outfit for sure, I agree:)

    My monday was fine, but today was a monday on a to a bad start when I slipped and fell in the subway today. My hands braced the fall but then got cut open by something on the nasty subway ground!! Yuck.That reminds me, time to put on more neosporin!

    Here's to an awesome wednesday then!!!


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